HyperX Cloud 2 Headset breaking


Dec 20, 2015
I got my new HyperX Cloud 2's as a birthday present November 6th and were good until about the 10th of this month.

The wire (which is very long) was on my floor, i moved back a little on my chair and I am pretty sure I didn't go over the cord. All of a sudden the sound stopped and microphone stopped working. I then went to re position it and it came on again.

Now if I move too much, the headset stops working and volume and sound go.

If on Teamspeak, it fully disables my mic so that I have to back out of teamspeak and restart.
If in a game such as Counter Strike, the volume completely goes even if I temporarily fixed it.

Since I got it from Scan, I also cannot return it for free as there is a 28 day return policy.

I have looked online and seen no cases like this, help please!