HyperX Cloud - Sudden audio quality decrease


Jul 29, 2014
I've posted on here about these previously and still mostly fantastic headphones. That time it was that these seemed quiet.

Now it is that the audio quality from the left ear just decreased out of nowhere. The right driver still sounds perfect, but the left sounds a bit garbly now, and when I turn the bass up on my computer, it sounds like something is moving inside. I know it's supposed to move a little bit, because you know, that's how sound works, but it sounds almost like a rattling. I've read other threads that say they have a pooping or crackling, but they didn't specify one ear or the other, and they've had the problem since they got it. And they're the second version.

So I plugged them into my bass amp and it definitely sounds like something is rattling or broken inside the left driver. The right one is still fine. It's really bad. I love these headphones.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is this covered in the warranty? (I've only had them for a few months.)