Solved! Trying to raise the volume of 1 earbud instead of the other (Apple Earbuds)


Nov 20, 2017
One day, I was using my Apple earbuds when I accidentally leaned on the right earbud, then the volume got lower significantly than the other one (not my hearing, I checked). I want to calibrate my earbuds and make my right earbud louder to make it equal to the other. I've looked up some guides on the situation but I never got an answer. All I got was to right click on the speaker button and go to Playback Devices and find my Earbuds as a device but it didn't show up. I checked "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices" but I still couldn't find it. If you have a solution to this, or another way to fix my earbuds, please tell me.