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  1. K

    HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless sound is muffled/low

    I just bought a new pair of HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless and they sound muffled and it sounds like the bass is very high. I switched around between 2 USB plugs and it sounds the same. I also have updated sound drivers. What should I do? I have a USB sound card, will that work?
  2. Wendyful


    Hello, I'm a Newbie, so please be kind :confused2: I am now working from home, Windows 10 thru my work's VPN OKTA. The only headset I could find is a SPRATECH, I bought the last one. It has a 3.5mm jack but comes with a 3.5mm/USB adapter. So it works ok with the CPU tower I have from my work...
  3. Kartunz

    Question 7.1 surround headset volume low when driver is installed

    hello so i have this 7.1 surround headset volume that i got since 2018 iirc (sades wolfang if it's necessary) and it needs to download a driver to enable the 7.1 surround and i had some problems using this before such as that time i tested my mic on steam/steam games and my sound is reduced...
  4. jdip13

    Question I have tried everything to get my microphone headset to work on my newly built computer and nothing has worked. please help

    I recently built my first pc and everything has been smooth sailing until now. I bought a cheap headset for gaming off amazon the kotion each g9000. it comes with a single audio jack and a splitter. I used just the headphones for a couple days and the sound is good, but when I went to start...
  5. B

    Question Headset microphone picking up system sound

    So as the title suggests my headset microphone picks up all of the system sounds, even if i lower the actual volume on my laptop the mic records it anyways. Any help would be appreciated this is driving me crazy...
  6. F

    Solved! Sound leaking on a brand new headset

    So I've just purchased and tested my new HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, works like a charm on any other device. While testing on my computer (Lenovo Legion laptop) it appears that other people on Discord are able to hear only the loud sounds from my desktop, youtube, games, even themselves when my...