Question I have tried everything to get my microphone headset to work on my newly built computer and nothing has worked. please help

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Aug 14, 2019
I recently built my first pc and everything has been smooth sailing until now. I bought a cheap headset for gaming off amazon the kotion each g9000. it comes with a single audio jack and a splitter. I used just the headphones for a couple days and the sound is good, but when I went to start using discord I could not get the mic to work. I quickly realized I had a splitter so I plugged it in to the two correct things inputs and now the only sound I can get when testing the mic on discord is a screeching metallic sound. When I test the mic in sounds on microsoft it says that no sound is being detected thru the mic. When plugged into my iphone the headset records my voice thru the mic so I know the microphone is not broken.
I scoured the internet for a driver for this headset and there isn't one.
I bought a new splitter for mic and headphones. same sound result.
The only issue I could find is that somehow I do not have realtek audio on my computer... I have tried for days to install it, but I keep getting error messages. All the tutorials I found on how to install starts with Uninstalling it first, BUT IT IS NOT ON MY COMPUTER ANYWHERE. how did this happen? is downloading it impossible at this point? is this what is causing my microphone problems? Please can someone help me?
also is it possible the microphone plug is just broken? like the actual port on my case?


Go to the device manager, check your audio hardware to see if it's showing with no errors and that it is the right hardware listed according to your motherboard specs.

Would also help if you listed the system specs including the operating system. Good idea to see if another headset works and try your headset on another computer.

Did you try both the front and rear audio ports (if you have ports on the case that is)?
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