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  1. centaurussa

    Solved! Microphone noises when UPS is not charging

    My microphone is working properly when my offline UPS is charging! But here is the twist, distortion comes whenever the mains shuts down (yep, we have bad electricity) or whenever the UPS is not connected to the mains (operating on battery). And it won't go away, untill it is getting charged...
  2. N

    Solved! Neweer 700 Loud Interferance

    Hey guys, Just bought the Neweer 700 kit, with the phantom power supply. However, I have been faced with 2 major problems; A loud interference (even after i fully lower the boost) keeps entering the sound and Discord is using the default mic but it sounds much worse in terms of quality. The...
  3. jdip13

    Solved! I have tried everything to get my microphone headset to work on my newly built computer and nothing has worked. please help

    I recently built my first pc and everything has been smooth sailing until now. I bought a cheap headset for gaming off amazon the kotion each g9000. it comes with a single audio jack and a splitter. I used just the headphones for a couple days and the sound is good, but when I went to start...
  4. M

    Microphone distortion fix!

    Hello, I have been hearing a weird sound while trying to record my mic on audacity for my YouTube channel. It's sounds like a static sound or Distortion as you may call it. Not only that, it gets even louder depending on how many background apps or browsers are open. For example: My mic picks...