Question Microphone noises when UPS is not charging

Dec 10, 2020
My microphone is working properly when my offline UPS is charging!
But here is the twist, distortion comes whenever the mains shuts down (yep, we have bad electricity) or whenever the UPS is not connected to the mains (operating on battery).

And it won't go away, untill it is getting charged.

I tried both of the front and the reare sound inputs

I am using a TRRS to TRS converter while not connecting the speaker side of it to anything (and yes, it is not touching the case).

*The distortion gets a bit lower (but very loud, in general) when I put my finger on the case (which is ultra weird, because the PC is taking juice from the UPS outlet in every case scenario, whether there is mains or not, in which how can there be any leaks on the case when not charing and no leaks when charging?)


Oct 5, 2017
If your peripherals are USB connected the USB sockets may be under powered as this does result in distortion ,it is normally overcome by using a powered USB hub ,probably not a solution for people using UPS but its a starting point .
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