Question Custom built PC headsets not working!

Mar 29, 2021
Using an entry-level AMD build with an ASRock B45OM-HDV
It has one jack for headphones and one for microphones, but my headset doesn't fully work if plugged into either one of them, either the mic or the audio does not work.
If it is plugged into the microphone jack, I only get audio out of the right side, and I have double checked in settings and balance to make sure everything is normal. In addition, the microphone quality is incredibly distorted. The levels are all correct as well.

I've tried plugging and unplugging the HD_AUDIO cable, and it appears normal. I have also tried using a spliter. If I use the splitter connecting to both jacks, the mic and audio both work, but the mic is distorted (muffled, distorted, low audio), and the headphones only play out of one ear.
I am using an unactivated version of Windows 10, if that helps. In the sound control panel, it also registers only as a microphone and headphones, and not just a headset.
Please let me know, thanks!
Need some details on the headset you are using, is it one with a single 4 pole connection that uses a splitter? In most cases audio issues like yours are simply the devices not being plugged in all the way or the splitter being faulty. Did you install all the drivers from ASRock support site? Did you test both case and motherboard jacks?