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    Question Upgrade from FX-8350

    Hi Guys, I am planning to upgrade from FX-8350 to something latest. Target is for 1080p ultra gaming. I have RX580 GPU, which I will upgrade later once GPU prices come down. Please suggest which option should I go with? Budget is 30K to 40K. Prices are in Indian rupee, and taken from...
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    Question Custom built PC headsets not working!

    Hello, Using an entry-level AMD build with an ASRock B45OM-HDV It has one jack for headphones and one for microphones, but my headset doesn't fully work if plugged into either one of them, either the mic or the audio does not work. If it is plugged into the microphone jack, I only get audio out...
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    Help me build/buy a laptop

    My budget is £700/$900, laptop can be a build or straight buy and will be used as a good day to day worker that can be used for gaming and some programming. I want the best for my money so help a clueless guy out and give me your opinions, thanks in advance.
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    HTPC Build Help

    Hi, I'm wanting to build a HTPC that can handle 5.1 1080p movies flawlessly and also handle some light gaming in case. I want to keep costs low as possible. Intel Pentium G3240/G3258 or Core i3 4160 or AMD A10-7850k 400W Zalman ZE-LE-400 8GB ( 2x 4gb) G.Skill Ares 1600mhz RAM Sapphire Dual-X...