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    Help me build/buy a laptop

    My budget is £700/$900, laptop can be a build or straight buy and will be used as a good day to day worker that can be used for gaming and some programming. I want the best for my money so help a clueless guy out and give me your opinions, thanks in advance.
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    HTPC Build Help

    Hi, I'm wanting to build a HTPC that can handle 5.1 1080p movies flawlessly and also handle some light gaming in case. I want to keep costs low as possible. Intel Pentium G3240/G3258 or Core i3 4160 or AMD A10-7850k 400W Zalman ZE-LE-400 8GB ( 2x 4gb) G.Skill Ares 1600mhz RAM Sapphire Dual-X...