I need to choose one - cost-benefit


Oct 28, 2015
Hey, I'm from Brazil so I would like to know what is really worth doing:

Pay $220 for a HyperX Cloud Revolver S 7.1 in Brazil and get it by this week


Pay $259 + ~$65 (freight) for a Sennheiser HD 598 in Amazon and wait ~15 days

I can afford any of these headsets, but I actually don't think it's worth buying the HyperX at that price and at some point I think Sennheiser HD 598 will be kinda expensive(So I would wait some 4 or 5 months and go to USA and buy there).

Thank you.


Find another site selling the HyperX headsets for less and see if your local seller/source will match the price.


Headset Cost: seems to be somewhat moot in that "I can afford any of these headsets". (Does contradict with "kinda expensive.)

Shipping Costs

Delivery time (More to gain by purchasing local I think.)

Convenience (what if you have to return headset for some reason....)

Read some product reviews by verified buyers. Check the manufacture's respective websites. Read the User Guides/Manuals, Forums, FAQs. See what other people are asking about and what problems are being reported.

Quality matters as well.

Only you can decide what your priorities are and what trade-offs you are willing to make.

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