Question Help picking HyperX Cloud Headset & Understanding how to maximize effectiveness


Apr 23, 2014
Hi All,

I am trying to pick a headset to use for general purpose & playing games with friends as I have recently relocated. I have a large head and ears so I narrowed my search down to the HyperX Cloud of gaming headsets as comfort and build are very important to me:

(Prices as of Sept 6, 2019)
HyperX Cloud II - $90 (Includes 7.1 sounds card...?)
HyperX Cloud Alpha - $85 (without 7.1 sound card...?)
HyperX Cloud Revolver S - $117

I am leaning towards getting the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset & replacing the ear cushions if they become problematic, as I understand them to have superior sound quality & build over the Cloud II's, but are still under $100 per this Medium article.

What I am mainly having issues with is understanding how to best utilize these headsets as I have never went into dealing with dedicated soundcards before, and am clueless about where to even begin. If I were to get the Alpha, should I also get the HyperX 7.1 Soundcard? What would I be missing without it? Or should I get an additional soundcard of my own? The motherboard I use is the ASRock Z97 Extreme4, which looks like it would be sufficient without the headset soundcard?


You are fine with just using the motherboard sound card. An external one is better if you get a good external card but most of those are not for gaming headsets and don't have a mic input. You would need to split the mic out to the motherboard and that can cause hum due to ground being split.

If you can find the Cooler Master MH751 for about $100, that is a good buy also, it is based on a bit better headset than the Alphas. Of course it got such good reviews it sold out very fast from most places, and the places that do sell it have it at $20-30 over prices from a few months ago.
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