HyperX Stinger mic quit working

Feb 16, 2018
So just recently (about an hour and a half from writing this) my HyperX Stingers, which I have owned for over a year, has stopped using my mic. I was using discord and was mid a CS:GO match when they stopped. My first instinct was to check if it was plugged in and surely it was. Second was to replug it in and that didn't work. I went into my recording devices tab and it said the mic was plugged in but it wasn't receiving anything. What happened? Is there a way to fix them?


Double check the mute switches, I think there is one on the box on the cord, toggle it on / off. Same with the swivel, try to swivel up/down and see if that will fix it. Possible one of them came loose and no longer making contact.

I am not sure how long the warranty is on these, I think they are only 6 months so if you want to try and disassemble it and see where the problem is that may be your only recourse.

A quick fix may be to just get an add-on mic like the Zalman ZM-MIC1 which will just clip on your cord (I am using one with my Samson SR850, it's a pretty decent mic) and it's less than $10.
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