What headset should I get ?

Jun 14, 2018
Hello everyone !

After googling a lot I've come to a conclusion that my preferences are Arctis 5, Cloud Alpha and Cloud II. Yeah, you've probably guessed it, I like playing games.Mic's quality isn't that important, cause I only chat in Discord with my friends. I just want the most comfortable and the best sounding headset. As far as what I've read, people like Cloud Alpha, but the problem here is that I have realtek alc887. And yes, I know it's old as the world we live in, but maybe it's ok and I am exaggerating ? My budget is only about 230$ (note: Cloud Alpha is 130$ in my country), so maybe I have enough to buy DAC, but I don't know which one should I get.

That's it, I hope you can understand everything I've written here, cause English is not my main language.
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