Solved! Teac DVD player breaks Sony Bravia Device Sync


Oct 24, 2015
Hi all!

I have a Sony Bravia with a Sony sound bar, a PlayStation 4 and an Apple MacBook Pro all plugged into it via HDMI. The TV can connect to and control the sound bar and PS4 using the device list (change volume, operate the PS4 etc.)

However when I plug in a Teac DV-4000 (DVD player) via HDMI, the sound bar stops working (no sound from it, and changing volume says “TV is at a fixed volume”), and the PS4 isn’t even detected.

Unplugging the Teac, turning the TV power off at the wall and then turning it back on fixes everything.

It seems very odd a device would be affecting other HDMI devices? I’ve looked around the Teac settings but nothing stands out. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
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