Can you reuse 3.5 to USB adapters which came with Logitech headphones?

Oct 2, 2018
For years, my kids have been using a Logitech G430 headset for gaming on the PS4, or for gaming on the PC. The headset came with a USB adapter they plug the 3.5 connectors into if they are on the PC. I have a 10-port USB3 hub which sits on the desk in front of the monitor. If they are on the PS4, they have a Y-cable to plug the headset directly into the controller. Those headphones, after years of service, no longer work properly. There is no sound out of one earphone. I took it apart, the wires are still soldered onto the earphone, so I am assuming that the long wire has given up the ghost. Time for a new set.

I've been looking around, it seems the best options all end in 3.5 plugs rather than in USB. So if I buy another headset (earphones + mic), can I reuse that USB adapter? Does it have something in it which might prevent non-Logitech headsets from working? The kids can use the 3.5 port on the computer, but I am pretty sure it only works from the back, which will be a hassle to plug in every single time. I should really get the front plug working again, but I was wondering if I could just buy any gaming headset which is not USB, and simply reuse the Logitech USB adapter when they want to plug into the computer.



May 10, 2018
Yes it should work. I would be shocked if they wasted their time and money making a proprietary converter when they could buy them in bulk from china for like 2 cents apiece and then slap a logitech logo on it.
Oct 2, 2018
Works like a charm! Bought the HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset. It is picked up on the computer as the G430, but other than that, sound comes out exactly as it used to.
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