Question How can I get extended battery life for my old Samsung laptop when travelling?

Feb 27, 2023

I have a Samsung Series 7 Ultra Notebook (Model: NP740U3E-S04UK, bought new in 2013), which takes 19 volts.

My only real problem is that is battery life.

A) Power bank - 19v
Can I buy an external battery (i.e. "power bank") that has a compatible (19v) output?

B) Power bank - 240v
Or should I buy an external battery (i.e. "power bank") that has a 240v output and use my mains adapter?

C) New battery
What are my options for buying an new battery for it with a larger capacity?
How difficult is it to replace the battery (i.e. is it soldered in?)
Who could I get to install it for me?

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There are batteries available for that laptop on eBay and Amazon, seems pretty easy to replace. Only issue is that since it's an older laptop, even new Samsung batteries may have been sitting for a while un-used which can cause issues for their working time, and the chinese made clones are often poor quality and fail.

You can do a search for a laptop power bank for laptops with universal tips or specific voltage and amp ratings that your adapter has.