Question Need a new battery for my Dell ... what is best ,,, how can I tell it is "genuine" ?


Nov 29, 2011
Hello! I have a Dell 5567. The yellow light is blinking on the front ... it looses it's date when not plugged in. It will not boot unless plugged int and let to charge for a few minutes. I tried the battery test in Bios .. gave a battery communications error. It never charges more that 5 or 6 %

So, unless I am missing something, I need a new battery.

From Dell ... $110

I looked on Amazon ... Ebay ....Newegg ....

Lots of "generic" ones ... I don't know if any are better or worse than the original Dell.

On Newegg, Betechparts lists a couple .... and this is where I get comfused ... all say Genuine Dell ... but they are different prices .... and around $40

OK ... how do I choose a new battery? Is one brand better than another? Is there any way of telling one is genuine dell?

From what I can tell, the battery is a 42Wh WDXOR

Thanks so much ... Mike