Around 65" UHD TV on a budget?


Jan 17, 2012
With a door on one side of the wall, and a cabinet on the other side, we have about 1.5M of space in the centre to hang a TV. The minimum viewing distance is ~2.7M, maximum ~4M.

Our budget is £1200, though I could put a bit more to it if it really would make a difference.

I have checked a website to work out the recommended size and it seems to be 65" and up. We can fit a 65" within the space on the wall. Happy to order from the UK, Germany, or anywhere else in Europe.

Vizio seem to top a lot of the recommendations in articles online, but at the moment they are only available in the US and I have from them no immediate plans to start supplying to Europe. I am guessing customs would kill me on import tax. I would rather a flat planel over curved. HDR would be great but it does not seem available for the price range, I am half considering waiting until I have enough to pay for this new technology but I do not want to end up always waiting on the next big thing etc. I would prefer a Samsung as there is an active firmware hacking community, and you can install on demand apps for all the terrestrial stations in Ireland and the UK at the same time if you disable updates at the router level, but I could live with running the Irish players with a mouse from an Android STB if a different brand offered much better quality or price.

I appreciate there is not much content available in UHD at the moment, but if I am spending a lot of money on a large TV I would like it to have this capability.

Any recommendations on a TV?

I am thinking of this Samsung UE65JU6000 65-Inch Widescreen 4K Ultra HD Smart Wi-Fi LED Television with Freeview HD (2015 Model)