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  1. Matiseli

    Question Most lightweight budget laptop

    Good day, I searched for a long time and relatively without success. I need a laptop with the following parameters: As cheap as possible (the low price has to be because of low performance, but not because of low quality; in other words: I care about quality, but almost not about performance...
  2. D

    Question Please Guide Me - Dell 7415 vs Dell 7420 vs Dell 7425 - And lenovo Flex 5

    Hi Please Guide me I want to buy 2 in 1 laptop for gift for my friend ,who some time use video and photo editing like adobe software in travel I find 4 laptop in below 1 - Dell inspiron 7415 ( CPU - Ryzen 5500U ) 2 - Dell inspiron 7420 ( CPU - Core i5-1235U ) 3 - Dell inspiron 7425 (...
  3. D

    Question Please tell me Which one laptop is better to buy

    Hello i want to order laptop but my budget is low about $200 so i want to order refurbished laptop i find a few laptop in this range price but don't know which one is better for example below list lenovo t430 lenovo x230 dell e7250 and your advice model please? i want fast laptop some time...
  4. hyperlxrd

    Solved! Biggest soundstage under $100

    i want to buy a headphone with biggest soundstage under $100, what headphone should i buy?
  5. E

    Question Best Possible Laptop Under $600-$700

    I didn't really want to ask this (I know how annoying posts like these are) but I've been doing a lot of searching and so far have come up empty. So, here goes. I'm on a tight budget, but I am in need of a new laptop/desktop replacement for work and CAD (and maybe light gaming), that will last...
  6. xupitera834

    Question First budget camera for portraits

    Hi I want to buy a new camera for portraits sports and for general use I have budget around 500-600€ EUR I think that Sony a6000with 50mm is the best or the D3500 with 50mm have you any recommendation
  7. E

    Budget laptop for Revit

    1. What is your budget? <$700 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14" or less 3. What screen resolution do you want? Not important. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Replacing current Lenovo Ideapad U310 5. How much battery life do you need...
  8. F

    Solved! laptop that runs csgo

    hey! im looking for a laptop that runs csgo decently, Im not expecting more than it runs at least 50fps on medium to high settings. I won't play many more games and thats the only use im going to give it so I only care about it running good the game. my budget is $700, but since I won't use it...
  9. UbieAnton

    Which headphones to buy?

    Hey everyone, I've been doing research for pretty much a month about headphones and still everythig is vague of which headphones would be the best for me. I would love if you could help me choose. Please help I've been obsessive researching, I haven't done anything else for weeks >.< not even...
  10. C

    Looking for a budget Android phone.

    I am looking for a budget Android phone in the range of $100-$200. Preferably somewhere in the middle of that range. I mainly browse the internet, YouTube and use social media apps, so I want a phone that is snappy, and can chew through that relatively quickly. I am not a big gamer at all, the...
  11. 1

    Cheap upgrade to my old pc for VR gaming

    Hey, Im looking to upgrade my old PC into a cheap VR gaming pc (yeah I know, cheap and VR done always go together well). Currently my CPU is an i3 550 and my graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 7800 series card (2gb). I dont want to spend too much, as my new job I'm starting soon doesnt have...
  12. N

    Good open back headphones to use with the V-moda boompro mic for pc gaming?

    Hello, I'm looking for some good open back headphones to use with my V-moda Boompro microphone, (i already own the mic) i had akg k240's with a zalman mic and now have V-moda crossfade wireless 2's that ive been using but since they are closed back the sound stage is tiny. trying to keep a...
  13. S

    Laptop to buy under £350 that can do light gaming?

    Hello there, I'm afraid this is yet another one of these posts.... but I spent my lunch break scratching my head for ages trying to find a useful answer for my use case....also a lot of the laptops I looked at aren't well priced in the UK or are not available :( Here goes: 1. What is your...
  14. S

    Looking for a decent laptop for lightweight gaming

    I own a MacBook Pro for uni assignments, browsing, gaming, and digital art (it does very well for me on all fronts). After years of using Apple products, however, I'm finally sick of not being able to play all the steam games I want that are Windows-only, and want to get a supplementary laptop...
  15. Z

    Best Open-Back Headphones under $100? SR60e vs shp9500S

    I am looking for a good pair of headphones to start with, I want good, clear mids, and highs. I am stuck between getting the Grado SR60e and the Philips shp9500S. The Grado headphones seem like they would give high quality audio, however I am worried about the comfort level. The Philips seem...
  16. Senpos

    Solved! Budget Headphones for Rock-music

    Hello. I am looking for headphones under $50. 90% of the time i will be listening to rock music on my PC with no external sound card. I have found so many good reviews about Superlux models, but i can't choose, there are to many of them. Most popular ■ Superlux HD668B (imp: 56) - $38 ■...
  17. P

    Need help finding a laptop that’s worth upgrading

    Hello community. Recently I’ve spent hours looking through Acer, Asus, Dell, and HP laptops that match my coding desires and criteria but haven’t found anything. Here is what I want: -First and foremost, a CPU that is i3/i5/i7 that is not BGA or soldered to the motherboard. I plan on trying...
  18. N

    Looking for speakers and a receiver to go with subwoofer

    I'd looking to buy a new sound system for music. I'd like to get 1 subwoofer, 2 speakers (hi-fi or a pro audio bookshelf speaker), and a receiver (just to plug it into my PC). I don't know very much about audio, so I came here to get help with choosing what to buy. I'd like to keep the total...
  19. S

    which Laptop is the best low weight laptop?

    I want a really low weight laptop and i have given some of the category i want to cover. I don't need to fulfill every criteria, but first and foremost i want a low weight LAPTOP 1. First I'm looking for best in class thinness and weight, I want to carry it to school and college. So, i...
  20. DesperateConsumer

    Can you guys help me choose a gaming laptop?

    Can you help me find a good gaming laptop? I want something that has a decent battery life with a gtx 1050 ti or 1060 and an i5 intel core. But the one hard part is it has to be around 1000 dollars. I'm not having any luck so I hope the people of the internet could help me, Thank you Follow Up...
  21. S

    gaming laptop for 1k cad

    Hey guys, just wanted some help to figure what is the best gaming laptop I can find for 1000$ cad tx included, I'll mostly be playing MMORPGs, fps, and mobas. (bdo, LoL,doom,gta5) I don't mind much about it being chunky/heavy, I just want it to be able to play the games I've listed with decent...
  22. sorryboi

    Best Cheap Laptop For Browsing?

    Greetings. I already have a desktop PC which is only a yard or few away from my bed. I was thinking of getting a very cheap laptop so I can watch videos/browse the internet and other basic things like that in the comfort my bed. I doubt I will be gaming as I can't game in my bed. I just always...
  23. malrats

    Looking for a gaming headset solution with mic monitoring/sidetone for under $100-150 or so.

    I am always on a constant quest for a headset that's good for gaming but also provides me with a way to hear myself. If I can't, the headset is useless. All Turtle Beach and Astro offerings have this, as well as Logitech, but none of them have really worked well for me for a PC setup because of...
  24. M

    Need a 32 inch tv for uses like gaming and as a monitor for under 180usd

    I looked at a vizio and a TCL smart tv however none of them had a gaming mode... I don't really care about resolution. Just want something affordable with a gaming mode and possibly a soap opera effect. I like the smoothness of the SOA on a lot of games. I will probably buy the tv on amazon or...
  25. A

    How do I sound record two people on a budget without Lavaliers?

    Hi I'm starting a youtube channel with a friend and am going to shoot it on my Nikon D5000, which although provides an ok video quality, it doesn't have a port for me to plug a shotgun mic into it. I'd therefore like to record the audio on a seperate device, and was wondering if you could...
  26. W

    Looking for a low budget laptop for playing Hearthstone

    Hello there, I am looking for a laptop around $250 USD that can handle playing hearthstone. Refurbished is fine as long as it's nothing to sketchy heh. I also do some coding on the side. The most I'll ever do at once is: Hearthstone, Discord, Command Prompt(running a python program), A tab or...
  27. C

    Recommend Over-Ear Headphones $40=<?

    Looking for some Over ear cans sub $45 if anyone can recommend. Desktop. Movies, Music, Games. Prolonged use. Operators Choice Thanks :bounce:
  28. H

    Looking for a laptop to use for programming/pretty heavy multitasking

    Note : I have already found a possible laptop to buy, but since It's my first time buying a laptop I'm not entirely sure if it's good or not, it's listed in bottom of the post. 1. What is your budget? My budget is at max $600. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering...
  29. M

    Budget everyday use laptop (CANADA)

    I need to buy a laptop capable of everyday tasks and homework (Office), little multitasking, multimedia purposes and very little to none gaming (for example Counter Strike). There is only one problem, my budget is only around 500 canadian dollars and from the research I've done so far, I haven't...
  30. Naozomi

    Need help getting into the VR scene

    So I've noticed my computer is aging and I'm hoping to extend it's life a bit more and get some VR time with it before I rip out the motherboard someday for one that uses DDR4 RAM...I want to postpone that as long as I can since I'd need to purchase the MB, RAM, and the CPU pretty much all at...
  31. mglushed

    How to DIY budget subwoofer

    Hello, I'm looking for building my first budget subwoofer, I have no experience nor knowledge on this field, any help to get me started will be much appreciated! I plan to buy this driver: https://www.amazon.com/Kenwood-KFC-W3016PS-12-Inch-2000W-Subwoofer/dp/B00T87H860/ But I don't know if...
  32. G

    Should I buy a Chromebook or Surface Pro?

    I need a small portable laptop for taking to college with me. I already have a HP Envy 17t-j100 that I can even do some gaming on, but the battery life is terrible, and it is too big to bring with me. I am on a budget. I would be using it for taking notes in class and also coding applications...
  33. M

    Razer Blade Stealth vs Thinkpad X260

    Hello I need a laptop for high school and hopefully college if it lasts that long. I do a lot of engineering work. Of the two which laptop is better? I like the razer blade stealth because it is light but has a poor upgrade path. It is right on my budget ($1000), a decent battery life, and...
  34. M

    Downgrading to laptop - can I still work on graphics & video for under $475?

    This is going to be my 1st laptop, & I don't really know how to shop for them. I don't care about the newest software or hardware. I really only have 3 considerations: it has to be a laptop, it has to be under $475, & I have to be able to produce video & vector graphics in 1920x1080. I'm going...
  35. Q

    Upgrading A Laptop on a budget

    I have received a VERY old laptop from a Co-Worker, and it(at the moment) has 1 gb of Ram, 80 GB HDD a Genuine Intel CPU T2050 @ 1.60 Ghz. I want upgrade this system, but I have 2 problems, I don't know how i would go looking for parts to use to upgrade this laptop, 2, I want to stay in a...
  36. Shlutka

    Best $600 Laptop w/ SSD?

    Hey! The laptop I need is for my school's FRC team (robotics). My only requirements are an SSD. Quick boot and software launch speeds are very necessary. Whatever is best for the money, thanks everyone!
  37. Ryan_81

    Best budget laptop for $200-$300 For school and Lighweight Gaming

    Hello everyone! Im planning on getting a laptop for school. Because I cant bring my rig everywhere obviously. I was considering getting the "asus e200ha" Because its small and would be great carrying from class to class. And surprisingly can run few games. Is there any other computers I should...
  38. Supahawk01

    Need the best gaming laptop for $700-750.

    Just as the title says, I am currently using an HP AMD A10-5745M APU with Radeon HD Graphics @2.1GHz. I want to know if I can pick up a laptop that would grant me much more fps in my most common games. Mostly WoW and quite a few steam games, with a little bit of Skyrim to boot. My maximum...
  39. Y

    Budget desktop replacement laptop for medium-graphics gaming (Questionaire Filled Out)

    Hello Community, since my new job suddenly requires me to live out of the suitcase, and I want to play some games after work at the hotel, I'm thinking about buying a laptop in addition to my desktop. Since I don't want to spend too much, I'm considering buying a used laptop from a certified...
  40. twgamerbuilder

    Best Camcorder Under $200

    Im looking to get into film on a budget and was wondering if there were any good camcorder options for under $200. I'm thinking about getting the Canon VIXIA HF R700 but its just a bit too pricy and i would like to know if there is a similar camera that fits my budget. Thank You!
  41. B

    Suggestions for a budget speaker?

    It's hot as hell as where I am right now and headsets at the moment wont cut it. About now I have spare $40 for speakers. Anything worth buying for quality within the budget?
  42. D

    Around 65" UHD TV on a budget?

    With a door on one side of the wall, and a cabinet on the other side, we have about 1.5M of space in the centre to hang a TV. The minimum viewing distance is ~2.7M, maximum ~4M. Our budget is £1200, though I could put a bit more to it if it really would make a difference. I have checked a...
  43. T

    Low Budget Laptop (light gaming, streaming, work, etc...)

    I just wanted to ask this quickly as it isn't a huge concern for me, but what is the best laptop for under $500? My current laptop was on sale for $80 (Black Friday) 4+ years ago, and it lags on almost everything. It can't even play Minecraft above 30 frames, so never mind streaming or playing...
  44. R

    Advice on buying a laptop

    Good laptop for media editing and decent gaming. My budget is $900. So far I've had my eyes on Dell 15 inspiron 7559. Need some advice. Thank you :)
  45. M

    Which would be better for budget gaming? An Intel pentium quad core, or an i3 dual core

    I am currently looking into buying a new laptop with more power, but there seems to be a blur between the dual core i3 and the quad core pentium. So I was wondering if I could get a quick answer on which is better suited for gaming, as on some websites it say the i3 however on reviews and game...
  46. D

    Laptop under $1000.

    I was planning to buy a laptop under $1000 . It should be portable , should have good battery life , should pack at least 6th gen i5 ,8 gigs of ram. Main use would be programming and light gaming. Also , hows Razer blade stealth as an option ?
  47. D

    Can you help me finish my build?

    Dear Experts, I would like to build my own computer. Mostly gaming and video streaming. This is what I've got so far: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xqbCsY My budget is around €300. If you have any tips or tweaks that would work better for my purposes, please give them. I thank you all in advance...
  48. C

    Building Gaming Pc

    Im thinking about building my own gaming computer. I have come up with parts for the computer but I'd like some other ideas. My budget is around $600. Video card: R9 280X 3GB, Processor: Intel i% 4460, Motherboard: AM3+AMD micro ATV GA- 78LMT-USB3, 4GB ram to start, Tower: Rosewill Redbore ATX...
  49. FarNerdy

    Which is better? Toshiba Chromebook 2 vs. HP Stream 13

    Hi all, I've decided between the two machines listed below based on my budget ($350 max) and needs, and just want people's opinions on whether one is better than the other and why. I only need a VERY basic machine to do some web browsing, streaming videos, listening to music (Spotify and...
  50. FarNerdy

    Looking for a Low Budget Laptop with 1920x1080 FHD Screen

    [USA] Looking for a 13" or 15" Laptop; $300-$500; 1920x1080 FHD screen Hi all, I'm in search of a budget laptop in the USA for $300-$500 with a 1920x1080 Full HD (FHD) screen. I'll get something used or refurbished (as long as there is a return policy) to get this from a good, solid laptop...
  51. FarNerdy

    Trying to Decide Between ASUS X555LA-HI31103J vs. Lenovo G50-80L000H2US Laptop

    Tom's Hardware is where I always get the best advice, so I'm asking for it once again. I'm trying to decide on a laptop purchase between the following: ASUS X555LA-HI31103J...
  52. ragnarok94

    Laptop upgrades- ASUS P550C-XH51

    Bought this laptop last april http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231337 Current OEM specs: 5400 rpm 500GB HDD (not sure if 2.5" or 1.8") 4GB (non-removable) RAM and what appears to be an expansion slot (max specs up to 10GB?*) Win 7 pro 64-bit so far Im looking at a...
  53. T

    GT 940m 2gb vs GT 940m 4gb

    I am getting a laptop for mainly playing CSGO and other not high demanding games. I have already sweep through the tech part of the mall and have found 2 laptop that are the best for me. Specs : I7-5500u 940m 2gb 4gb ram (going to upgrade to 8) 1tb hard drive Specs: I5-6200u 940m 4gb 8gb ram...
  54. 1

    Gaming laptop recommendations for a £400 budget (Give or take £50)

    Hey my friend wants to upgrade her computer but she doesn't really know what to get. I'm noticing a lot of laptops nowadays seem to be straight up rip-offs so I want your guys take on this. She has about £400 to spare and I'm guessing she can stretch that to £450ish if the laptop is really good...
  55. L

    Good Laptop For Streaming Netflix And CS:GO/Minecraft

    Hi i'm just going to make this short, sweet and simple. I'm looking for a laptop that can play minecraft at around 100fps, stream Netflix, download movies, play movies and obviously has a hdmi or mini hdmi or any sort of port that i can connect it up to my tv. My budget is £400 max. Please...
  56. Kolzach

    Best sub 200 dollar musical production headphones for EDM?

    I'm a musician that needs a new pair of headphones so I can hear what sounds I'm really making. I was planning on getting the Sony MDR-V6's, MDR-7506's or maybe even a pair of AKG K 240's as their pretty cheap right now. I don't know a lot about headphones, but I know for musical production...
  57. E

    Which of these laptops is better for the money?

    So I got some money for Christmas and I was looking to buy myself a laptop after a few years of not having one. My budget is at max $650, but I was hoping to find one for $400 that would suit my needs - the lightest gaming you can imagine (do not tell me about dedicated graphics or gaming...
  58. K

    Best budget laptop School work/light gaming

    Country = Canada Budget = about 400-500 CAD Needed = laptop Screen size = about 15'' Uses = School work/browsing internet/light gaming(League of legends, Skyrim,etc) Time = Needs to last about 4-5 years min. I am buying soon, so if you can find a boxing week sale or any other sale, that would be...
  59. V

    Low to mid range home audio

    I'm looking to replace the speakers for my home theater system. I currently have the Onkyo TX-SR608 receiver and the Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer. My current speakers are Athena Micra, but they have been moved more than is good for them and fussed with by small children. My...
  60. G

    GT 840M vs GT 930M

    Hi there, I'm buying a new laptop on a limited budget for school, but would like to do some gaming though. (I don't mind playing on med details at 720p) So far iv'e found two very similarly priced ones... One has a GT 840M and one has a GT 930M, it would be extremely helpful if someone could...