Upgrading A Laptop on a budget


Mar 26, 2016
I have received a VERY old laptop from a Co-Worker, and it(at the moment) has 1 gb of Ram, 80 GB HDD a Genuine Intel CPU T2050 @ 1.60 Ghz. I want upgrade this system, but I have 2 problems, I don't know how i would go looking for parts to use to upgrade this laptop, 2, I want to stay in a budget of 100 and maybe 200 dollars if I need to. I'm not looking for anything that will be running games. This is going to be more of an office use laptop that will (try) be doing some coding and normal Microsoft word and fun stuff.
TYIA for looking and maybe giving some ideas, and help on how I would look for some parts
Very old means you can only add more RAM or fit a larger capacity hard drive.
That limitation even applies to some new laptops let alone old ones.

Forget about upgrading anything else in it.