Need a 32 inch tv for uses like gaming and as a monitor for under 180usd


Oct 18, 2016
I looked at a vizio and a TCL smart tv however none of them had a gaming mode... I don't really care about resolution. Just want something affordable with a gaming mode and possibly a soap opera effect. I like the smoothness of the SOA on a lot of games. I will probably buy the tv on amazon or the local BJs. Thank you!
"gaming mode" and being good for gaming are two very very different things.
Niether is going to have a very good refresh rate or very accurate colors so might as well just get whatever looks nicer in the store.



For those who are looking at this thread in the future I purchased the Vizio D32x-D1 (1920x1080@60Hz). I purchased it from After a promo code it was under $180. It was $199 before their promo code. It does have a gaming mode which I do not need. It has many other modes. I chose calibrated. I first used Windows' image calibration and then I used to fine tune the image.