Buying a new TV for PS4.


Aug 18, 2012
I want to buy a new TV for my PS4 (TV or monitor, it will be only used for the PS4 and not TV watching). Our current one is 24-inch FullHD (1080p) TV monitor. The problem is the following.

The only available TV's in our local store are 32 inch, HD Ready TV's (for our budget, we can't buy more expensive or bigger ones).

However, as you can see, we will be jumping from a 24-inch FullHD 1080P to a 32-inch 720p HD Ready TV.

Do you think that's good and will the gaming picture quality look OK, even though we will go bigger in inches but smaller in resolution? What about when watching Blu-Ray films on the PS4? How will they look if the TV doesn't support full 1080p resolution?

Thank you and appreciated.

It won't look as good as the...

It won't look as good as the monitor, will be bigger though, along with bigger text and icons.

You are better off looking for a used 1080 TV if you can't afford a new one.