Question Buying Monitor for Readings Text

Mar 31, 2021

I'm looking to buy a 24 inches monitor, I want to use it for office work mostly reading mail texts and sometimes watching graphs

I find two monitor models:

One has 4K resolution with 1:000 contrast ratio.

Another one has only full HD resolution but with higher contrast ratio of 1:3000.

Which monitor I will feel more comfortable, more clear and better view experience for reading text, the one that has higher resolution or that has higher contrast ratio.

The manufacturer contrast ratings are almost irrelevant, many times the numbers are exaggerated using some specific measurements that are not the best way to measure contrast ratio.

What you need to do is look at the reviews of the monitors and see the actual tested and viewed quality.

For overall quality in a series, I like the Dell Ultrasharp models, in a 24" screen 4k is a bit much, I would stick to 1080 or 1440, depending on how much data you want to cram on the screen vs the size of the text and images you can see comfortably.