Looking for speakers and a receiver to go with subwoofer


Feb 2, 2017
I'd looking to buy a new sound system for music. I'd like to get 1 subwoofer, 2 speakers (hi-fi or a pro audio bookshelf speaker), and a receiver (just to plug it into my PC). I don't know very much about audio, so I came here to get help with choosing what to buy. I'd like to keep the total price under $1000 CAD ($800 USD), but the lower, the better, but I don't want to completely cheap out.

My goal is to have a sound system that I can crank and not have it sound horrible. I like hard kicking bass, but I still want to hear the lyrics clearly whether I'm down stairs or up stairs - so minimal distortion when I turn it up. I also don't want any "bottlenecks".

I'm going to have it set up in my computer room down stairs (room dimensions are 13' x 12' x 8' (3' under the ground, so partial basement)) the house is new, so I'm not too worried about the subwoofer causing undesired resonance, because the house is pretty solid.

I've already decided on a subwoofer - the BIC America F12, I've read lots of reviews on it and it's very good for the price, but I don't know what speakers or receiver to get with it. It's $320 CAD ($700-ish left to spend for my budget). Here's the link to it

Any help is very much appreciated.

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