Looking for a decent laptop for lightweight gaming

Apr 22, 2018
I own a MacBook Pro for uni assignments, browsing, gaming, and digital art (it does very well for me on all fronts). After years of using Apple products, however, I'm finally sick of not being able to play all the steam games I want that are Windows-only, and want to get a supplementary laptop just for gaming.

But I don't play CS:Go, Overwatch, or similar games;; when I search for "gaming laptops" I of course get results for laptops that would be excellent for playing high-demand games such as these.

The games I want to play are more like; Dota 2, Polybridge, Cuphead, The Walking Dead, Enter the Gungeon;; as well as much lower-demands games like visual novels, point-and-clicks, RPG maker games, etc.

Other things I consider important:
- portability/weight: I am an international student and travel between countries often. I'm also a small person and do not have a strong constitution (strength, stamina). A small, light laptop may be out of reach, but it would be ideal.
- budget: if the laptop costs any more than $800-900, I might as well get a gaming laptop, I feel.

Is it really worth it to shell out the money for a good gaming laptop that won't stress me out with problems like "battery died after 3 months" or something? Or, for my intents and purposes, will any 'decent everyday' laptop do?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide!