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    Solved! UN65NU6070 Doesn't Appear to have HDR function (despite being advertised as such)

    Really looking for some insight here as I've not searched forums, dealt with Samsung Customer care, and have had a tech come by an visit - still to no avail. I recently attempted to test out my TV's HDR, when to my surprise, there is no setting or obvious way of telling the TV is displaying...
  2. N

    Question Sony X800E + Ultra ROKU — Malfunction?

    Hi, I just took my first dive into 4K UHD/HDR television. I upgraded my ROKU 3 to an Ultra and bought certified 4K Ultra HDMI cables. I have only have 9 days left to return/exchange the SONY X800E I bought if it's malfunctioning in some way. With that in mind, I have two areas of question...
  3. M

    Solved! 4K TV with Non 4K AVR?

    Alright, having some problems and looking for suggestions/advice/solution from fellow members here. I am planning for a 4k TV 55 inch (Sony x90f 55 inch) for my current HT setup but my AVR doesn't support 4k. I heard/read over here that we can use 2 HDMI interfaces i.e. 1 from GPU to TV for...
  4. XAKEP

    Nvidia Shield TV + HDR , What I am missing ?

    Hi guys, quick question. I have Nvidia Shield TV 2017 and I have large MKV file library and lately I am collecting and RIPPING in to 4K HDR with Atmos Audio Track. I am trying to play them on Shield and I am getting dark picture. For people that don't know dark picture means not all data being...
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    Solved! Need a bi-directional HDMI switch that support 4K/HDR/60hz

    I am having a ton of trouble in finding a switch that would allow me to have one input/source and manually switch between two 4K displays. I need it to at least support 4K HDR / YUV422 @60hz, so I can use my PS4 Pro at its full potential. Here is the type of switch I am looking for...
  6. G

    What Is Dolby Vision? (And How to Get It)

    Curious about what Dolby Vision is and what it does? Wondering how Dolby Vision differs from other HDR formats, or just want to know where to get shows and movies that are Dolby Vision compatible? Get the scoop on the leading version of HDR. What Is Dolby Vision? (And How to Get It) : Read more
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    Solved! Unable to send multichannel PCM audio from PC to LG B6

    I recently purchased an LG B6, and came to realize my good old AVR (a Denon 1612), featuring HDMI 1.4, won't do HDR pass-through, so intending to keep the Denon, I switched to having the TV in the middle, instead of the AVR as I did until today. I have managed to get audio sent from the TV to...
  8. Nervly

    Philips 43PUS6162 vs LG 43UJ630V [4K SmartTV]

    Good evening, everyone! I'll be buying a 43" 4K SmartTV within the next week and as such, I've been doing some research to make sure I get the best product within my budget, which is 500€ ($596). From all the televisions available to me, the two that stood out the most were the...
  9. D

    Around 65" UHD TV on a budget?

    With a door on one side of the wall, and a cabinet on the other side, we have about 1.5M of space in the centre to hang a TV. The minimum viewing distance is ~2.7M, maximum ~4M. Our budget is £1200, though I could put a bit more to it if it really would make a difference. I have checked a...
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    Sony HDR PJ820: How do you change the flickering frequency?

    Hello everyone, so I had recently gotten a Sony HDR PJ820 and I came upon an issue where I am unfamiliar with the settings and I'm hoping someone that has this handycam or a similar handycam (Maybe all settings on Sony handycams are the same) could help me with the issue. So I came upon the...