Solved! UN65NU6070 Doesn't Appear to have HDR function (despite being advertised as such)

Nov 8, 2019
Really looking for some insight here as I've not searched forums, dealt with Samsung Customer care, and have had a tech come by an visit - still to no avail.

I recently attempted to test out my TV's HDR, when to my surprise, there is no setting or obvious way of telling the TV is displaying with the feature. Looking through the menu under Picture>Expert Settings .... there isn't even a setting for "HDR+" ... not even grayed out. It just isn't there. Samsung Customer Care has said that with the N series, they've decided to remove the setting and it's just "automatic". While I wanted to settle for this explanation, it's a bit unconvincing since utilizing the native YouTube Smart app, I've tested out a multitude of verified video sources/channels that display true 4K HDR, only to then check the quality settings within the YouTube app to see that HDR isn't listed (peaks out at 2160P 4K). My understanding is while using Youtube on an HDR capable device, and watching a 4K HDR video, the quality settings should read - in this particular instance - "2160P.4K HDR".

Any help or insight that can be offered would be much appreciated.