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  1. Ilikestuffandthings

    Question Part number of LED bead used in Sony KDL-75W850?

    I’m looking for the type of LED used in the KDL-75W850. I get the 6 blinking red light code and I did find ONE dead LED (out of 200). I don’t really want to buy a used strip on eBay, so I would like to know if anyone knows the size/model number of LED bead that is commonly used in this TV (eg...
  2. ElementDevil

    Question Sony TV display turns on and then off

    I was watching TV and then suddenly the screen turned off but sound was still playing. I turned off the TV and then on and this is what I see View: The display comes on for 1 second and then fade with the text in shades of green and then off. Sound works, and the...
  3. D

    Black dots and an Ant in my Sony Bravia X7500E?

    Hey guys! i just made my account today and, it's wonderful to finally be part of the Tom's Hardware Community! I have a question / discussion about my Sony Bravia X7500E 49" that i bought around 3 months ago in April. (If you haven't heard of this TV before, i'm not surprised because this TV is...
  4. YoriGames

    Help picking a sound bar for my Bravia TV

    Hello! Long-time reader, first-time poster! I’m searching for a good sound bar to connect to my SONY Bravia 55” TV in my living room and thought I’d ask around on a few forums. My Bravia’s picture quality is great but the audio is fuggin’ weak. I use my TV for gaming, video streaming services...
  5. I

    Does xbox one working on sony bravia bx31 ??

    Does xbox one working on sony bravia bx31 ?? sony bravia support BE3 (Bravia Engine) Intelligent picture plus 24pTure Cinema Bravia Sync Hdmi x2 22inch lcd tv xbox one work on this lcd tv?? help..........