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    hii.... mmy hp laptop has a problem. i cannot understand what is it. when i plug in charging the led for charging blinks a few

    Hii my hp laptop is showing a strange behaviour . When i plug in the charger the charging led blinks white a few times and then nothing happens. i can't reckon whats the problem. Plz guide me what is the problem and how to fix it ??
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    How to connect 2.1 speakers with my LED TV?

    I have a LG LED Tv Model number (42LS5700-TB). How can I connect my 2.1 stereo speakers with that? For further reference about my speakers Model number(Tricom T-3200) they have 1 woofer and 2 Left and Right speakers connected with the woofer and to connect my TV with that I just have a 3.5mm...
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    Solved! LP-S08 soundbar connections to

    UN32N5300AFXZA 32" 1080p Smart LED TV (Samsung) and a LP-S08 soundbar...trying to connect. The LP-S08 box and instructions say "easy" my brain says not enough of the right configured plugs included. It looks like the soundbar takes a 3.5mm Aux (male) and the TV something squarish. And are...
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    Hi hi hi

    I am buy Panasonic smart led then How do install Google play store apps
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    From last day, My Samsung led has red vertical line near to the left side of TV... Tried everything but still no change..

    From last day, My Samsung led has red vertical line near to the left side of TV... Tried everything but still no change... Even after switch off i can observe one line on display.... Does anybody has any idea what could be the reason
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    Solved! Asus Zenpad Z8s tablet wont power up when i have it plugged into the charger led blinks red

    My asus tablet wont power up and led light blinks red when charger is plugged in
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    Solved! Need help with headphones, has 3 cables

    Hi! I'm going to get a headphone with 3 cables. One for LED light, another for mic and the last for audio. For singing, is it possible to plug in the mic and still hear the music in order to sing, or do I need the other cable for audio to be able to do that? Do I need 2 other cable slots on...
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    Solved! How to get 5.1 audio in my Home theatre

    Help me how to get 5.1 audio. I have Onida LEO32HRZ 81 cm (32) LED TV (Non Smart), Tata sky TV setup box and Philips spa8000b/94 5.1 Home theatre. Home theatre doesn’t have HDMI or Optical ports. Only RCA ports available. Tatasky setup box has both HDMI and Optical cable options. Please...
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    Solved! Upper Left Corner Dimmer than the Rest of the Screen on Vizio M60-C3

    The upper left corner of my Vizio M60-C3 is dimmer than the rest of the screen. the backlight is not out completely but there is a 10x10 inch square that is dimmer. Could this be an issue with the LED driver card?
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    Low budget fix

    Sharp TV model LC60LE460U flashing light. 1quick and 1 long. Trying to get to the factory reset and/or check out LED lights. Any suggestions or ideas appreciated. Thanks
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    Solved! Cant decide on a TV need some help

    Sharp LC-55Q620U vs Vizio V505-G9 Both have the main feature I am looking for (HDR10 and Google Play Movies) Main use is as a game TV in my loft (4k ps4) and movies. I am torn between these two, I notice the major difference is the vizio has the array led (however my last 2 vizio TVS have...
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    Led Quasar tv

    Hi all, I have Quasar 50 inch tv that suddenly went crazy with green lines and turned off itself while watching a movie. The repairman said the repair was expensive because of the issue with the green lines on the screen. I was wondering if someone had the same problem and if its worth...
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    Solved! Having trouble setting dvd player to my 5p inch element tv 1080 led

    Its all hdmi no red white yellow it works for cable but not dvd player
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    Solved! looking for help

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G50-30 laptop that currently shows a bright white light on the power led and a blinking orange light on
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    Solved! My Samsung led tv has audio out. My sony lbtzx66i has audio out. What do I do

    My Samsung tv has audio out. My sony lbtzx66i stereo has audio out. What do i do
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    HP laptop new screen issue

    Hi I’ve just bought a new led screen for my go g62 laptop because the old one don’t work well( you need to bend it often to get the picture) I got the new screen and it’s working but also not working. When I plug in the laptop start but black screen for ever but the back light is on just black...
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    United Led 29" sometimes no picture only sound.

    UNITED 29X15 Led sometimes no picture only sound. If you unplug the tv and then replug, after 2 or 3 times of on/off by remote it works. What can it be? It's a shame replace it because as i said, sometimes it works. Thanks in advice.
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    I have a 32" LED TV without audio output,how can I connect it to a sound bar
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    Led strip problem

    I am using led strip of which only one colour bulb is glowing others are not in rbg strip, weather it is a running led strip pls refer solution for this problem.
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    65 inch led vizio tv

    65 inch led vizio tv here ...power up vizio logo stays on like it should then vizio logo comes on the screen and after about 10 seconds the screen goes from good to flickering blue and black and a little yellow and the backlights are on as well only problem is the flickering ...is this t con...
  21. J

    Tv wont power on

    Lg tv wont power on blue led flashes what could it be
  22. T

    Solved! Acer Laptop stuck at loading screen and black screen

    Hi, I’ve encounter this issue when I restarted my acer laptop running windows 10. I would be stuck at the loading screen with the acer logo. I have tried doing alt-f10 but it just led me to a black screen with a white cursor on it. Another thing I’ve tried is restarting a couple of times to...
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    Solved! New desktop LEDs turn on but won’t connect to the tv

    The new computer led turn on and the tv detected a new device but when I switch to the input the tv said no connection
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    Solved! Surround sound for home theatre

    I have a very basic 5.1 home theatre(f&d 3800x) and i have connected it to my led tv. I notice that the surround sound effect is missing. I searched on the web a little and i saw i had to use an audio card or something. The basic problem is i also have an extra active subwoofer connected to the...
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    Solved! help to resole key lock

    toyoshi t-2032 led tv .. keylock ..remote..power button working...and tv manual buttons..showing key lock and nosignal message..pls help us how 2 unlock it..
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    my laptop won't boot

    Hello there, my acer e5-571g laptop won't boot after i replace the hardisk. only blue led light apear few seconds every press the power button. Can somebody help me to fix it. Thnks
  27. und3rtaker

    Solved! Looking for a new 55" TV. Need suggestions

    Hey, how are you doing? We are looking into upgrading our TV to something new. For the basic idea what we are looking for (but not limited to) here's two TVs that we've had our eye on: - Philips LED TV 55PUS7303 - Samsung LED TV UE55NU7172UXXH Again, looking for something you guys would...
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    Solved! dell charging issue

    i have dell laptop it is 5 year old and i am facing very strange problem while charging. when i plug in my adapter to laptop it shows charging and the charging led in laptop glows and after few seconds the led turn into red light and shows notification that please connect charger battery low and...
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    Solved! Hi, I have videocon DDB led tv .. I want to connect home theater to the TV set to get better sound quality. In TV there is onl

    . I want to connect home theater to the TV set to get better sound quality. In TV there is only 'optical out' sound output. It is difficult to connect my Home theater. pls. suggest me.
  30. C

    Solved! Why does my RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly not play dvds?

    My 32” RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly stopped playing dvds. It makes an odd squeeling sound when I insert a dvd, and won’t play at all!
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    After I power on my laptop it shows no display but caplock led will get on as well as fan will on and then it automatically sh

    My laptop had 75percent display so I gave lap for repair but now nothing is working. Charging light is on and fan is on as well as caps lock will turn on then immediately it turns off with blue led. Not sure what to do
  32. S

    Game panel on my dell xps m1730 not working

    How do I get the game panel led thingie to work on my dell xps m1730 laptop. It’s currently blank. Note I’m running Windows 7 pro 64bit.
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    LCD Backlight Not Powered (Dell Inspiron 7559)

    My Dell 7559 no longer powers up the screen backlight. I tried two different LCD LED screens and both have the same issue (If I shine a light at the screen I can see some text) The problem started a few days ago. The screen became a lot darker, then a bit later it became pitch black. I'm not...
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    Solved! No idea how to find the MAC address for my Polaroid 32” HD LED Smart tv

    Hi. Recently I bought a Polaroid tv but since I live in a dorm I have to register any devices MAC address in order to use the WiFi. I have looked through the nextwork settings but can’t seem to find the MAC address. Anything helps. Thx.
  35. P

    Solved! Sony dvd player of home theatre not turning on

    i have sony theatre model no.: DAV-TZ215 i was decorating my table with led strips light and i wanted to blink led strips with the sound bass, so i put the postitive and negative wire of led strips which was having 12v DC into one of my speaker positive and negative port. the speaker was...
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    Solved! Dell XPs 9550 no power, no led

    Hi Guys, To my horror I tried to use my xps 15 today only to discover it was completely dead. I had tried to charge it through usbc for the first time before turning it on which may or may not be related I have tried: pressing the power button (obviously lol). With and without AC adapter LED...
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    Solved! My LED TV screen was damaged due to hard hit. Can it be repaired

    My LED TV screen was damaged due to hard hit. Can it be repaired
  38. O

    Solved! Seiki 50" Class 4K Ultra HD (2160p) Smart LED TV (SC-50UK700N) want to buy is this really a true smart TV?

    Seiki 50" Class 4K Ultra HD (2160p) Smart LED TV (SC-50UK700N) is this really a smart TV?
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    Solved! G580 bios battrey replacement no start

    g580 after trying to reset bios battrey laptop not starting.webcam led on,power led on,i can hear hdd and fan turning on.but the screen remains black.after 4minutes laptop shuts down.i know there is n problem with the screen.anyone who can help me??
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    Solved! Black screen laptop

    When i turned on my laptop, it just goes blackscreen with the LED light on
  41. S

    Looking for a replacement bulb or LCD/LED

    Projector cuts on and cuts off. What’s wrong do I need to replace the LCD/LED it is an RCA RPJ129
  42. B

    I have a led light speaker and the lights aren’t turning on anymore how do I fix is

    You would touch the top of the square and the light turns on but it won’t and I don’t know why please help thanks
  43. F

    Solved! Laptop won't turn on after reassemble ssd

    Before I disassemble the ssd. The laptop works fine. The ssd is originally from the laptop. After I disassemble the ssd. The laptop wont turn on. No led power light. No sound at all. Like it was dead. I put the ssd back to the laptop. Also nothing happen when I turn it on. I also tried cleaning...
  44. B

    Urgent Help needed Samsung smart led TV no signal issue

    I have a Samsung smart led TV but I cannot find any network option in the menu. And when I select smart TV from sources button on the remote it says no signal and black screen appears. Please some tell me the solution how can connect it tw Internet and use smart TV .
  45. E

    Solved! Asus Vivobook Flip 14 TP412UA not turning on

    I bought Asus Vivobook Flip 14 TP412UA in 04.11.2018 and it's not working since 09.11.2018 When I press the power button nothing happens, except for a short flash of the LED. Then nothing. The laptop charges, the Battery LED is lit. I can't hear the fans and I tried connecting it to an...
  46. S

    Solved! HP laptop problem

    My HP laptop not charging and led light and charger is OK but laptop is not start. my laptop is HP tnp c125. Help me
  47. G

    Solved! Lenovo Thinkpd W541 will not power up, power LED blinks 3 times

    Lenovo Thinkpd W541 will not power up, power LED blinks 3 times. Have tried to disconnect CMOS battery, Memory and Harddisk. Still same issue. Any suggestions?
  48. J

    Solved! Tv cycling power, not turning on.

    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue. I have a veon TV that when I go to turn it on the led changes from red to green and the screen back light will turn on for about a Second then go out and the led goes back to red. This repeats itself over and over like it's trying to turn on but...
  49. D

    Solved! how to connect my LG LED UHD 65UK6360PTE TV to Bose wireless 35 quiet comfort headphones

    Planning to buy a BOSE wireless 35 quiet comfort headphone for my LG LED UHD 65UK6360PTE TV.Will it be able to connect
  50. L

    Solved! Laptop suddenly restarted but won't turn on and won't even be forced shutdown

    So my Acer Aspire r14 suddenly restarted but won't turn on. The screen stays black and the standby LED is just orange (supposed to be blue when turned on). When I plugged it in, the charging indicator LED does not light up. I tried forcing it to shutdown by holding the power button for 30...
  51. S

    My Sharp 55" 4K UHD HDR LED Roku Smart TV (LC-55LBU591C) is dull below eye lvl why is that,?

    I have the TV above the fireplace, go to watch Netflix with HDR or 4k or play games on the ps4 when I sit down the picture is grey/dull but as soon as I stand the colors pop. I hope it's not normal, because this is the only place in can out the tv. Is the tv going? I have a 5 year warranty.
  52. W

    Solved! What controls the backlight on/off on an LED television? Need a technical question answered!

    I don't know that this is the appropriate place to ask but if anyone can answer my question it would be greatly appreciated--I don't know if I should junk this TV or not. I have a 60 inch Samsung LED smart TV. The model number is UN60J6200AF. It has no picture, but sound, and the flashlight...
  53. A

    Solved! terris led tv 2441

    My tv turn's on tv lights up (black light) nothing comes on and immediatly shuts down.Whats the problem? What can i do to fix it ?thank you.
  54. M

    Solved! How to fix external speakers

    I have purchased VU Official Android 55" UltraHD LED smart TV (55U134) during July 2018 through FlipKart. but I unable to locate External Speakers point where i have to fix. I have 5.1 iball Multimedia Speakers, kindly help me to guide how to fix the same.
  55. D

    Solved! Can I use any wireless adapter for my samsung tv

    My Samsung Led model TV UE32F532055 is requesting for a samsung wireless LAN adapter. Does it mean its WIFI is not inbuilt? Are there universal wireless adapters that can i can use to connect other than a samsung adapter?
  56. N

    Solved! Connecting Smart TV to Surround Sound

    I have been given a Sony Blu Ray player/home theatre system (BDV-E870 / E370) and i'm wondering if it's possible to connect it to my Smart TV (JVC LT-40C880 40" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV) to use as surround sound speakers when i'm watching Netflix etc (I realise there are already a few posts...
  57. R

    Solved! Laptop works only when plugged in

    I've been having trouble with my laptop. It only runs when plugged in. The laptop model is dell inspiron 7560. The led blinks orange 4 times the white once. I tried unplugging the battery and draining the power.. Some how got it working again without the adapter. Next day morning its back to...
  58. C

    Solved! Asus laptop power problem

    Asus x555d laptop was working fine a few days ago. Plugged it in for about an hour today and everything was powered off but appeared to be taking a charge indicated by orange led light. Removed it from power supply and pressed power button. Black screen and nothing getting any power. Only thing...