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    Solved! replaced led in LG I replaced led lights in LG 42LN5400 but it is still not working

    Our LG 42LN5400 42” tv had a black screen but audio was still working. I researched and found out that the back light LEDs are usually the problem so I ordered new ones and replaced them. Apparently that was not the problem because it is still a black screen with audio. I’ve tried to test the...
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    Solved! Aptus tv led

    I want help to open my led key lock without remote because I lost my remote
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    Bad LED LCD?

    Is this a bad display? The screen doesn't have a crack anywhere. I do get a signal from the HDMI port, but I can't get into the BIOS or do a system restore since the HDMI does not send a signal until windows drivers are loaded. Appreciate any help/suggestions.
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    Solved! My Panasonic plasma to-50ps14 needs a new energy recovery circuit. Can I repair mys of

    Panasonic plasma TC-50PS14 suddenly won't turn on and red standby led blinks 6 times , indicating the Driver SOS1 (SC/SSEnergy Recovery Circuit) needs to be replaced. I don't want to purchase a new tv. Can this be repaired, and how much?
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    No port to connect Soundbar with my Led tv !!! Help !

    I own a Videocon DDB Led TVVJU40FH-HXKF and a Samsung Soundbar hwk350 but my tv doesnt have aux or optical fibre connecting port... Please help me connect as tv has only AVout port to which i connected an aux cable which is partly playing the soundbar on right side and along creating a hummming...
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    Solved! Laptop LED lights flashing after hibernate - Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    Hello, I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50. After I hibernate my laptop, the keyboard's backlight and the power led keep flashing/blinking. This doesn't happen when I shutdown. This problem started after installing Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Any solution for this? I have tried...
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    If I connect Chromcast device, is it will operational like samrt TV?

    I have one old Samsung LED TV ( UA40J5100AR ), I like to use the same with Smart TV function, In this case if i inject Chromcast, it will work? Please advice. Bahar.
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    Hard time finding right resolution

    I have Haier 32" led HD tv model: LE32F2220 I have tried all the standard settings that I can apply the closest was 1768 x 992 but haven't found the correct resolution I have a GeForce 750 ti GPU so I can manually set resolution pls reply with any advice.
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    Solved! Not turning on

    I have MSI gv62 7re . When I try to turn on the power led gets turn on but the screen doesn't show anything the keyboard lights also do not turn up i connected the charger the charging light is also not showing. Someone please help me
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    Solved! How to do I hook up a set of wireless headphones to my Samsung series 5 led smart tv?

    I was wondering if it is possible to hook up ANY type of wireless headphones to my Samsung series 5 LED Smart TV, but of course wirelessly? And what type of wireless headphones would you recommend?
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    My lenovo G458 wont turn on please help

    I didn't use my laptop for almost 2years and I try to plug it in then the Led lights(orange) blinking then I turn the power on it worked but after the windows bar loads it automatically shutdown then the blinking orange led lights is gone and my laptop wont turn On.. please help guys
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    I have received a lg dvd receiver LH-T550 With surround sound system but the dvd isn't reading discs,so how can I make use of

    How can I get use from my lg surround sound system with my t.v if the dvd receiver has stopped reading discs? I have a 42"LG led t.v
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    My TCL smart LED tv will turn off by itself what's the problem?

    I purchased my TCL smart tv model LED55c2us only 10 months ago, i wonder why it turn off by itself only i turn on the power an hour only.
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    My Coolpad metro PC's has no reminder led light

    There's a place for it to light up on front of the phone,doesn't work!! No charger led light, or missed message.
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    Vertical Lines/Ribbon on LG TV

    I have a LG 55LB6500 Smart led tv. Since yesterday it has started to display vertical lines on the screen. The pattern changes when you restart the tv. But the white ribbon stays in its place. I called the lg customer care and they sent a technician. He opened the tv and cleared carbon from the...
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    Toshiba laptop won't turn on

    Toshiba Portege Z20T-B. Shut down, won't turn back on. LED flashes Long, short, short, short, short, long..pauses for two seconds, then starts back with the long, short, etc. again...what am I to do..There is a power indicator, it is on. Should this be a motherboard issue..how do I determine...
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    Best projector under $120

    I’m looking for a projector that that can throw 100 inches wide at a maximum of 10 ft from the projection spot. Also looking for at least 1200 lumens or led must also have usb slot . trying to find one for under $120 or cheapest price .
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    sumsung laptop blinking power led when turned on

    I forgot to power off my laptop, until i turned it on ,it does not turned on besides the power led continue blinking. What's wrong with this?
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    Solved! Dell inspiron 15 Laptop wont turn on and chharger light goes off when plugged in the laptop

    Hi i was playing a game and I plugged in the charger in my laptop my laptop stuck for a while and turned off .before I plug in the charger the adapter shows led light but when connected to laptop the led light goes away from the charger and laptop won't turned on since then I want to ask if my...
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    How to fix my JCV tv

    Hi there I have a 29inch LED JCV tv and I go to power it on the green light comes on but the tv doesn’t actually power up I got it today off a freind and it was working fine eaither I was playing xbox. And stuff it worked fine but I turned it off and now it’s not turning back on I tried...
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    SonY led display not working

    I have sony Bravia 48 inch tv,sound is ok but display not working...when I start tv it shows the sony logo,then it turns green and then suddenly it’s blacks out....so what’s may the problem???and what will be it’s solution????
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    Led with an A and a led with a down arrow is blinking with the power on

    Led A and a led with a down arrow is blinking
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    Replace LED screen?

    Can I replace a 49” LG LED screen with any other 49” LED screen? Can’t find a replacement for it anywhere. 49LF5100.
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    Black fixed lines on LG led tv.

    Hi this is my first time posting and I'm looking for some help I just recently noticed fix solid black white and gray lines on the left side of my LG LED TV. the only thing I can think of that possibly might have happened that day which was yesterday is that I went to wipe it gently with a damp...
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    65inch led lcd smart TV

    How i can Bluetooth my phone to my rca led lcd 65inch smart TV
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    Solved! LED Strip Connectors PEASE HELP

    Ok I have a quick question to ask about the LED strip connectors behind the panel. Is it possible to place any the connectors in the wrong spot and still have power to the LED strips? If so, would it cause flickering on the screen? I purchased and installed new strips after my screen...
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    HP 250 G5 won't turn on (CAPS lock)

    My HP 250 G5 won't turn on. After pressing the power button the CAPS lock LED just blinks. Any help? Only had the laptop for just over a year. Bought it brand new.
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    I have led TV Model LG 43LH547A , But there is no optical port. And l also have Sony htrt3 home theatre & home theatre have op

    I have LG LED TV model- LG 43LH547A, want to connect home theatre. TV has no option of optical port. And I have home theatre of Sony model htrt3 , home theatre have option optical port. So, how can connect TV and Home theatre...pls
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    F&D f3800x 5.1 connection to tv.

    I have a F&D f3800x speakers which i want to coonect to my old led with no optical port. I am using firestick on that tv and want to have the 5.1 experience when it is available in certain movies. Can anyone suggest how can i get decent 5.1 effect of not a full one? Right now the speaker is...
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    Hp 15 not powering on

    Laptop not turning on at all when I press the power button the led blinks once and that's it until I press again , no noise just a slight buzz when button pressed
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    emerson slim led tv

    how do i re size the tv screen on a EG remote
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    I was charging my Samsung s6 I came back some minutes later and found it off with a blue led light showing, nothing was showin

    The phone still gets hot when I charge it though but nothing is still showing
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    how to remove Dust Particles from Laptop LED panel?

    I have a problem with my Dell xps 15 9530 LED panel. white spots and dust particles are in side the panel. can you help? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfgf1q-x1jk this kind of issue but with me LED panel of laptop. I have seen some videos of people removing white spots off there screens...
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    HP Probook 450 G2 Blinking LED

    My Hp Pro book 450 G2 power button light comes on when plugged with power cable (excluding the battery) but the recharging white LED indicator keeps on blinking contentiously, Tried resetting it by pressing power button for 2 mins still didn't help. Please can any one help?
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    Cannot start computer. Led Start pushbutton blips four times, then shuts off.

    Toshiba satellite P855 won't boot. Start button led illuminates four flashes, then shuts down. No display, no other leds illuminated. No sound. Power supply indicates 19.5 volts DC.
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    Bush led tv

    Can't connect sound bar no optical connection or Bluetooth is there another way to connect
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    My lg Lm3700 has sound but no picture but the tv screen is bright not dark whats the problem and is it a eady fix

    How to fix my led Lm3700 tv no picture but has sound and bright screen
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    Possible Power Problem with my Element TV Model ELEFW605

    Hello, I have an Element 60" TV, Model ELEFW605. I bought it for $30 and am trying to fix it. So far I've been able to determine that the panel is still good, I can see the picture on the screen via a flashlight test. I'm thinking the problem lies within either the Power supply/Led driver...
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    LED TV Image Persistence

    I have an issue with my RCA LED40G45RQ tv: images persist, even if they are only on the screen for a few minutes. For example, I'll watch a 10 minute YouTube video of someone playing a game (and there are static HUD elements) in fullscreen. After the video ends, I can see the images still in the...
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    Hp laptop,led power keeps blinking

    Please my hp probook 6460b core i5 don't have a battery,I connect it directly to a power source,just yesterday,I plugged in but all I saw was that,the led keeps blinking continuously and when I press the power button,it doesn't turn on
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    Proscan tv help

    proscan plded4016a 40-inch 1080p full hd led tv...I have that tv which seems to have the red/ white audio on the back and I'm trying to hook them up to LG Electronics CM4550 700W 2.1 Channel Shelf System (2015 Model)... that stereo which has the red/ white audio in jacks on the back of it. Why...
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    Help! My Acer Aspire e15-411 series shows nothing on the screen.

    Help! My Acer Aspire e15-411 series shows nothing on the screen. The blue led light just keeps blinking when switched on and the fan goes on and off. I have tried removing the battery and holding the power button for some time but it doesn't work. :(
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    LED tv audio issue, video is working

    My led lg tv audio is not working, i think its main board problem. In this case if i connect HD digital box or home theater to
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    How to take audio out put from Samsung led TV

    How I can take out put from Samsung led TV
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    Latop turning on problem

    I am using Asus k55v.. When i click on the turn on button.. Only charging LED turns on.. After removal of battery several time.it turns on sometimes.. For past few days..whatever I do.. No use.... I even tried that unplugging battery and charger and hold power button for 1 min method Still no...
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    Black line on tv

    I have a 50" led Samsung TV I have a blue line that has appeared and now it's turned into a thick black line. How can I fix this?
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    i just bought samsung hw-ms650 wireless sound bar. buy my Lcd sony bx-320 and other tv toshiba led 40AL/10E. BOTH dont have HD

    i have bought samsung HW-MS650 SOUND BAR. BUT MY TWO LED AND LCD SONY LCD BX-320 AND TOSHIBA 40AL/10E dont have hdmi (arc) AND OPTICAL VOICE CABLE INPUT IN MY TVS. HOW TO CONNECT MY TV TO THIS ANY ALTERNATE . THANKS PRABODH SETHI [don't post your email address on the forum]
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    How much would it cost to replace the led light in the screen of a Toshiba

    How much to fix a led LIGHT in a Toshiba
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    I have Apex LED Model LK-2212 . When i try to play any video file through USB the video appears as small preview . I cant find

    I have Apex LED Model LK-2212 . When i try to play any video file through USB the video appears as small preview . I cant find
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    Slow switching pioneer vsx s520

    I have a Tivo bolt connected to the pioneer vsx 520 slim connected to a Samsung led tv from 2012 all using hdmi. It seems that the receiver is slow at switching, the TV gives up and says there is no signal. This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes the TV complains about hdcp but most of the...
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    Lg 55LB5900UV black screen

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! OK I bought a LG 55LB5900UV knowing the screen would flicker on for a second and stay black for 5 seconds then flick the screen on for 1 second and repeats as long as the TV is powered on. Did my research and narrowed it down to bad LED lights and I would have to replace...
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    What's wrong with my Hisense LED LCD 2013 TV

    We have a 42" Hisense LED LCD TV (model #: 40K360MN) that the picture went totally nuts while we were watching it. The left half of the TV has these colorful lines that are going horizontally and the right half of the TV is just black. HELP!
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    Laptop not charging, LED light flashes 3 times

    my laptop won't charge and whenever plugged In doesn't have the charging indicator light. whenever I try to turn it on it flashes a led light. I bought a new battery and tried that, nothing. tried a different charger cord and out let and nothing. its an hp pavilion notebook and I got it around 3...
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    LED HD HDMI TV......onn 16” 2.0 soundbar

    How do you plug the soundbar into my Emerson an what color do you plug into? I could set it up Bluetooth, but my husband doesn’t trust Apple. I’m not sure if his dinosaur
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    Amazon prime not streaming on SAMSON 65 UHD SMART LED TV 65NU7100

    Amazon prime video App doesn't play any video on my new Samsung TV series 7 (65). Please help.
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    What is disadvantages of Samsung led 32" normal & smart

    What is disadvantages of Samsung led 32" normal & smart.kindly plz give me a answer
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    My Emerson 32 in led hdtv quit but gives me a message. “Resolution is mismatched”. What does that mean and can I flip a sw

    The volume has been going in and out for a year but turned the cable box off and back on and it worked again. This could happen 4-5 times a day or not for a week. Last night it was horrible! It was going off every 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The the last time I turned the cable box off and it...
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    Trouble shooting Tablets

    Next book won't turn on the led light stays yellow
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    connect tv led49 nwith comp

    i used hdmi cable and no success bet labtop and Samsung tv LED 49
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    TOSHIBA LED TV firmware_file for model for : 32P2400ZE S/N: E41X24H01630K1

    can i get TOSHIBA LED TV firmware_file for model for : 32P2400ZE S/N: E41X24H01630K1 It would be very helpful for me