Lg 55LB5900UV black screen

Jul 29, 2018

OK I bought a LG 55LB5900UV knowing the screen would flicker on for a second and stay black for 5 seconds then flick the screen on for 1 second and repeats as long as the TV is powered on.

Did my research and narrowed it down to bad LED lights and I would have to replace the strips. So I ordered brand new LED strips (made sure they fit my TV by checking the panel number and strip number) and installed them.

Now, when I plug up the TV and power it on the screen just stays black, but its powered on and has sound.

Two things I'm concerned with when I did the LED strip replacement :

1. When I removed the sheet that lays on top of the LED strips and the bulbs stick out of, the clips that hold it down were hard to remove and brittle so I broke the majority of them and didn't use them when I put the TV back together. Could that cause a problem?

2. After I installed the replacement LED strips, I had to reconnect the LED connections that power the LED lights. But when I removed the connections from the original strips, they were pretty snug and I had to squeeze the sides and pull up to remove them and it took some effort to do so. But when I tried to reconnect the connections, it wasn't locking into place and would easily pop out with any movement of the wires. All of the connectors did this so I taped them down with electrical tape and rebuilt the TV to see the black screen... Could it be that the taped down connections aren't getting a good enough connection to power the new LED lights, causing this black screen ?

LG 55LB5900UV ... Have power, have sound, black screen.

Thanks in advance for any input towards finding a solution to the problem!!


Question from tinyincognegrotee : "LG 55lb5900 screen flickers"

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