Laptop not charging, LED light flashes 3 times

Aug 7, 2018
my laptop won't charge and whenever plugged In doesn't have the charging indicator light. whenever I try to turn it on it flashes a led light. I bought a new battery and tried that, nothing. tried a different charger cord and out let and nothing. its an hp pavilion notebook and I got it around 3 years ago.
I really need a fix because I need it for school next week and I can't afford a new one or $200 to take it to best buy geek squad to fix

Carefully poke a pencil into the power socket and use that to measure whether the charger tip is actually making it all the way to the motherboard's power port. It's also worth tying an elastic band round the charger lead and stretching the band around the laptop body. That holds the lead in place instead of it slipping off as soon as you take your eye off it.