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    how to connect samsung UA32EH4003M TV TO LG sub woofer HT3055U

    I have the Samsung LED TV model UA32EH4003M TV, im unable to get sound from the LG sub woofer HT3055U while watching the TV Channels or streaming. Please advice. Will it work with the HDMI audio extractor?
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    My LG LN51 screen is black but sound is working

    Good afternoon, I have LG LN51, the screen turns black while the sound is working. I've repaired it several times but after 1 or 2 weeks, the screen turns black again. Where in Nigeria can I buy the led strips b'cos I've this mind that I can fix the strips myself if only the led strips is the...
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    Battery Light Flashing 4x Amber 1x White

    I just got a new battery any the led light keeps flashing amber(4x) and white(1x). The ac adapter isn't the problem because I got a new one that works without the battery. But regarding that it won't boot up and is stuck on "Repairing disk error". At the same time when you try to turn in the...
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    How do you connect a samsung 2.1 soundbar to a Sansui 40” LED TV? The struggle is real. Help please.

    How does one connect a wireless Samsung 2.1 soundbar to a Sansui 40” LED TV?
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    Samsung TV won't or slow to turn on

    Samsung LED TV UN32J4000AFXZA won't turn on or if it does it displays SAMSUNG and then goes off...is it a problem with the power adapter or the capacitor?
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    Need help on TCL LED TV problem

    Hi, I have a 32inch TCL LED (LED32S4700) that will power on only until it dislays the TCL start up logo image. It will just remain at this stage. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?
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    Laptop Water Trouble

    Lenovo Ideapad had water spilled on it so I dried it out and worked fine then coincidentally my cat spilled another cup of water on it and I quickly dried it off and the white charging led blinks every 8 seconds when it's plugged in but still won't turn on. What the [watch your language] am I...
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    Solved! My Asus won't charge nor turn on

    My asus laptop won't turn on nor charge. There's no indication the LED lights. I tried resetting by removing the battery, pressing the power to discharge and tried again to turn it on. It went on for just 3 seconds but suddenly turned off and won't turn on again. Tried removing the BIOS battery...
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    I pressed the power button accidentally but now my TV is not turning on its show red led light

    I accidentally pressed the power button from TV but now it's not turning on its just show red led light
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    How to connect sony DVD speakers to mi led

    I connect the sony DVD to mi led through cable but no sound come
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    my 42 inch lg led screen was broken. how much cost of screen

    my 42 inch lg led screen was broken. how much cost of screen
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    Solved! The standby light is on by the TV is not responding to any button on the remote including the power button

    Hisense led TV,
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    Toshiba C55 will not start yellow LED blinks 4 times

    Toshiba C55 satellite will not power on. When you hold the power button the yellow LED blinks 4 times
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    Lenovo Ideapad 510-15IKB won't turn on

    I took my laptop apart to clean out the fan. Following all instructions, I put it back together, and now it won't turn on. The keyboard LED turns on and then turns off, and a little noise can be heard. I tried taking the RAM out, and the fan turns on and the keyboard LED stays on, but no display...
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    Our 52 “ Lg LED tv has a perfect picture but every so often it goes black and u can hear it but no picture. It is a older mo

    Our 52” LG older model has a perfect picture however lately the screen will go black but you can still hear it. What could be wrong I can turn it off then wait a bit and it will come back on once again the picture is perfect...???
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    Solved! Why does my Samsung Led TV model ua40j5100 requires adapter for wifi. Which one adapter is suitable for this model

    My Samsung Led model TV UA40J5100 for connecting wifi requires adapter. Which adapter is suitable for this model. Plssss helppppp
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    Samsung Led modle no UA32EH4003R not have network otpion plz help.!!

    How to connect a Samsung LED TV Model No. UA32EH4003R to the mobile wi fi display
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    My coolpad phone won't open when I charge only sencor led light on

    My coolpad 8298_100 would not open if charge only front sensor light on what i do
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    Solved! audio out issue w/Blue tooth transmitter

    My Toshiba 32c100u LED tv is not blue tooth ready and bought a transmitter to pair with my headset. Now I see the tv only has a digital audio out connection and not a 3.5mm output. My tv service is Spectrum, can the receiver audio be used?
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    toshiba,not working,with out battery, suddenly

    my laptop was worked with the a.c. adaptor without battery,now it didn't working,pls help me,power led light is on , but the other one is not turn on , orange led , the charging indicator. .pls help me pls is there any problem malyalathil paranjal kooduthal nanny
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    Solved! I have a non smart non blutooth led tv how can i use bluetooth connectivity with bluetooth headphones?and would it b stereo?

    Hi i have a led tv non blue tooth . Iwant to connect my blue tooth headphone . I tried by connecting a bluetooth donggle bt no result. How can i doit. And if any solution , will i get the stereo quality ? Plz suggest.should i buy a blutooth transmitter with headphone,or it might b ok with my old...
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    1-pixel black horizontal line on Samsung LED TV.

    1-pixel wide black horizontal line HALFWAY across the 60" Samsung LED tv screen. Line fades out toward center. AND 2 days later it disappeared. WTF? Will it come back?
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    Solved! How to connect samsung UHD led series 6 tv to projecter as tv has no video out port .

    How to connect samsung UHD led series 6 tv to projecter as tv has no video out port, using HDMI cabel. Thank you.
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    Yellow color issue with Polaroid Chromecast TV

    Hello! I've been a huge fan of chromecast since it came out, and my last LED TV's backlight died (over 4 years old), so when I saw this tv on sale I bought it right away (https://www.target.com/p/polaroid-43-4k-uhd-led-tv-with-chromecast-built-in/-/A-52720842) The price of a 4k chromecast...
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    Hi my digitron led is key lock.remote is missing. How unlocked it. Pls help me

    My digitron led tv is keylock it has no remote. How unlocked it
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    Solved! how to connect usb to toshiba led tv

    I want connect usb
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    Solved! Led lcd model led40hg45rq rca tv . I have an amp and stereo speakers unable to get sound please help

    I’m trying to hookup stereo speakers to this tv for surround sound . I bought an amp and various cables . Nothing is working
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    Solved! Led audio out solution

    Hi.. M using ecostar led 40 inch.. The problem eoblem i am facing is that whenever i connect speaker with led.. It give a little nd fixed sound on speaker.. Along with its own sound.. So the two sounds mix and stuff happens.. How can i fix it??
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    Samsung tv problem connecting to Yamaha reciever

    Hello we have a Samsung Smart LED65 Smart TV and bought a Yamaha AV receiver RX-V583 . We get an error message HDCP2.2 this content is not compatable with your TV. Please connect HDMI OUT to the HDMI input Jack that supports HDCP2.2 of the TV. We hear the sound of the TV coming through the...
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    Black dots and an Ant in my Sony Bravia X7500E?

    Hey guys! i just made my account today and, it's wonderful to finally be part of the Tom's Hardware Community! I have a question / discussion about my Sony Bravia X7500E 49" that i bought around 3 months ago in April. (If you haven't heard of this TV before, i'm not surprised because this TV is...
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    The boot option menu has only 2 options neither of which work they both led my straight out and back to the previous screen th

    The message on the screen says reinstall failure press ok to restart and reinstall
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    Is there any software I could use to control my USB LED strip?

    The controller attatched to the LED strip is very common and I don't see why you couldn't theoretically send signals to the controller to tell it to change the colour so is there any software out there? This is the one I have (50cm + usb cable)
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    Axas E3HD Receiver wont turn on or let itself be flashed

    Hiya! I recently bought an Axas E3HD Receiver and want to get it running, but it won't let itself be turned on properly or be flashed. I do get a green and red LED lighting up, but the TV screen is black and there's no fan installed. What can I do? Thanks! :D
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    Laptop not booting

    Hi, Recently noticed that my battery was saying plugged in and not charging..when I checked it saw it was swollen.. took it out of the laptop and put back the back cover.. plugged the laptop back in and noticed all the LED light up and the power led goes amber and the laptop goes dead. Every...
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    Solved! laptop not turning on with led light on.

    My GL552V gaming laptop isnt turning on but a white led light is on. I tried removing the battery and connected the ac adapter but still the same thing When i connect the ac adapter i get a green charging light meening a full battery. I also tried connecting to an external screen but got no...
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    Old dvd/vcrhook ul

    Need to hook up old Emerson dvd / vcr player to Sony led flat screen
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    LED TV flashing

    I have a Toshiba 50L2400U LED. Once it warms up, the screen intermittently turns off and back on. It doesn't matter which input I use. I tried unplugging the cable from the main board to the display - the backlights still blink. Using a multimeter, I checked the pins on the connector going from...
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    Solved! I have Samsung galaxy Tab a 7.0 ,how to turn on the led light indicator for charging

    How to turn on the led light indicator on Samsung galaxy Tab a 7.0
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    Asus laptop wont boot or start, but LED lights are on and a strange sound is coming from my hdd or motherboard

    I have an Asus Notebook Pc (x200m). I turned my laptop off one night and it hasnt turned on since. I have already tried taking the battery out and holding the power button 30 secs and even longer and nothing has happened. I have tried an external monitor also and nothing happened. The only...
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    Laptop not booting up, even LCD is not coming up. PLEASE HELP!

    I have dell inspiron 5521 laptop. It was very good in its first year. Now it has been 4 years, and i am facing a lots of problems. Now i am stuck with major problem. My issue is as follows: When i press power button on my laptop, the Power LED comes on, then HDD LED and then hdd led goes off...
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    Solved! Netflix didn’t available

    My led black light tv sharp model no.LC-50LE860M didn’t have Netflix or shahid.net application in store I tried even the browser to get application free but it goes to google play which is not available in tv Please advise solution to have Netflix app.to be add in my tv list Thanks Amgad
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    Cracked my phone's screen jdjxjnx

    Hello everyone, so last night i dropped my phone and i cracked the phone's screen but everything else was working i mean that i can hear the notifications it's just the screen that get damaged, but after that a bleu led shows off in the top corner of my phone and it stuck like that until it...
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    Solved! Laptop Won't Turn On and Doesn't Charge, Possibly Fried?

    So my laptop was working perfectly fine up until I checked in yesterday morning to find out it isn't charging and won't turn on, there are no indication LED's on the laptop lighting up too. So I check the laptop charger voltages to check that it's working and I'm getting 19v as expected, so the...
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    Laptop wont boot up

    I'm at a dead end. My asus g750 laptop wont boot up. I turn on the power and the power led turns on as well as the power led on the front of the laptop and I can hear the hdd spin up but the screen is black. I've hooked it up to another monitor and that didn't work so I dont believe its the...
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    Laptop wont boot up

    I have an ASUS G750jm and it was fine up until this point. I try to boot it up and the power led (light bulb icon) on the front turns on but that is the only led that is turning on. The power button wont light up nor the keyboard or any other leds on the front. I have already tried a hard...
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    HP Envy 15t-ae100 - charging light is off and charger outputs correct voltage (19.5V is kept even with a load )

    My HP Envy 15T-ae100 was left in sleep mode until battery is dead. When charger plug was inserted in the power jack, charge indicator stays off. Charger outputs correct voltage (19.5V is kept even with a external load ). My notebook has no battery lid. Does charging led get lit directly by...
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    How much can I sell my Samsung 24inch 720p Smart LED tv for? Its a 2017 model and I just bought it 3 months ago.

    So I bought my tv about 3 months ago. Still new and hardly used. I used it in my bedroom and I didn't have a cable hookup upstairs so I bought it to be able to watch Netflix and listen to music...etc. Being in rough times I need to sell....but for how much??
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    Raspberry Pi GPIO expander

    I am making a project that requires more GPIO pins than the Raspberry Pi has. are there any expanders I can use? Also, is GPIO just on Raspberry Pi or is it a generic term that is on multiple platforms? I am making an LED cube, (10x10x10) and I need to have 30 pins (10 for each axles). Are there...
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    Solved! No Audio Out, How do I hook up my receiver? SAMSUNG UN55FH6003

    I have this older LED flat panel, which has a great picture on it still, but I'm trying to hook up my receiver for better sound through bookshelf speakers/subwoofer. I have a Denon AVR-S720W receiver, and a SAMSUNG UN55FH6003 television. I've included a picture of the back of the tv, which I...
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    Laptop is off

    Hi im having a problem with my ASUS X553MA laptop, The laptop just went off but the power led is on same as the charger led when i plug it, and the worst part is that the CD rom was working while it was off but now it doesn't anymore, actually there's no sound at all now. My laptop was off since...
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    where to buy a new LED display panel for LG 43inch LED TV (Model 43LF540A) ?

    My LED Tv display broken. The display panel size is "43" inch, Model LG 43LF540A. How to replace a new display panel.
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    My lg led tv went almost black.slight picture.it happened suddenly can it be solved

    Allen my name and im 38 years old.please help
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    No video or audio on Samsung led tv un75H6350AFXZA

    My tv screen went out first leaving sound working for a few day with no picture. Now it has no audio along with no video. When u plug in and turn on the red light come on and blinks 5-6 times. Screen does some type of flickering a few times then goes black. When the screen flickers it is very...
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    DIY Laptop Keyboard LED's

    Good Morning I need some advice to create backlit LED's for my laptop keyboard. Bit hard to type in the dark. It's for a Lenovo E530. I was thinking trying to install LED strips and make small little holes on the keys. Have any of you done this before and how did you link it to the power?
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    my hp envy x360 15m-bq121dx won't turn on and has no led lights on

    I have a fairly new, perfect condition, hp envy x360 convertible. Bought 4 months ago. Opened it up 2 days ago and it wouldn't turn on. I have tried to hard restart it. It has an enclosed battery so I can't pull that out to reset.
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    I have a Sony 65" LED 4k TV and my son accidentally threw a small plastic toy at the screen. It now has several horizontal and

    I have a Sony 65 in 4k LED TV. My son by mistake through a small plastic toy at the screen and it caused damage. It has several vertical and horizontal lines near the area of damage. Is this repairable?
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    Lenovo ideapad 100 wont turn on

    My lenovo ideapad 100 wont turn on but it has led's indicating that it is on? I tried every advice online, holding the power button for 15 seconds, (i cant take out the battery without taking the entire laptop apart)... ive got an exam tommorow and i need this pc up and running, it worked last...
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    My Asus G75 laptop wont power on but has a steady power led.

    I have taken my battery out and removed the power cord then held the power button for a minute but after hooked it all back up still nothing but a steady white power led.
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    Looking to connect audio system to the Sony tv

    I purchased Philips spa3800b sound system and I don't know how to connect it to my Sony Bravia LED tv
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    Toshiba P55w-C battery

    Hi Everybody Here the problem… I have a Toshiba P55w-C I let the battery discharge one afternoon and the laptop shut down When I tried to plug it in the next day the dc current led wasn't on (it must be on in red light when you connect it, and when charged it must be white light), but the red...