HP Envy 15t-ae100 - charging light is off and charger outputs correct voltage (19.5V is kept even with a load )

May 15, 2018
My HP Envy 15T-ae100 was left in sleep mode until battery is dead. When charger plug was inserted in the power jack, charge indicator stays off.

Charger outputs correct voltage (19.5V is kept even with a external load ).

My notebook has no battery lid.

Does charging led get lit directly by charger power or there´s some circuitry that commands this LED but now it´s stuck?


Jun 22, 2014
1. Remove the battery and charger
2. Hold down the power button for approx 30 seconds( this releases static electric in the capacitors)
3.Plug charger and battery back in and see if it worked

If its the same, try a Cmos reset
1. Remove the main battery and charger
2. Remove the service door
3. Find the silver coin battery in its holder
4. Gently remove it from the holder( being carful not to rip the battery holder off the board, easily done)
5. With a 2 ended metel object(ie tweezers) bridge the 2 comtacts in the battery holder for 30 seconds
6. Place the coin battery back in the holder and plug the charger in and try turning it on

Let us know how you got on
May 15, 2018

Hi, whitey86, and thanks for your suggestions, but unfortunately they couldn´t help.

Yesterday I removed notebook back cover e performed some procedures:
1) power from charger is really getting to the PCB (19.5V was found on PCB terminals of the connector at the end of power jack harness);
2) battery, memory cards and HDD were disconnected, supposing that one of them could be short-circuited and making some protection circuitry shut power down;
3) no obviously burnt and/or improperly hot electronic component was found.