Laptop won't turn on, works and then breaks with new battery after 30 minutes, and won't run off of AC power

Sep 18, 2018
This issue happened about a week ago. I own an HP ENVY Notebook 17t-u000 CTO.

I was using my laptop to do some work and the screen suddenly went black. The battery had been running low, so I assumed that it was a power issue. I went to plug my laptop in and turn it back on and it would not turn on at all. Furthermore, the charging light right by the port was not on. Suspecting the power supply, I tested it and I got the required 19.5V. I then tried another power supply and the laptop would not turn on for that either (same voltage).

Suspecting the port, I disassembled the laptop and tested the leads on the motherboard and got the required 19.5V when plugged in. I tested the battery output and got 1.6V. I then took the battery out of the laptop and tried to run the laptop off of AC power, but the laptop would still not turn on.
I ordered a replacement battery (from my research, some HP laptops need a battery in order to turn on) and installed it. The laptop worked and charged the battery for about 30 minutes, then the exact same thing happened: the screen went black and the laptop would not turn on again. I tested the battery and it outputted 1.6V despite having charged for about 30 minutes.

After some research, I determined that it is possibly a faulty power IC, but I just wanted to make sure before I started working on it. The thing that is suspicious to me is that after installing a new battery, the laptop worked for a little bit before dying.