Multiple HP Laptops not turning on after charging port replacements

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Apr 10, 2018
To provide some background on the situation:

  • We have approximately 400-500 HP Stream 11 (1st gen) Pro devices
    We’ve contacted HP many times about the issue
    We’ve spent close to a year working on this issue on our own
    We are an HP certified repair center, and have access to replacement parts
    We have tried searching for similar issues online
Over the course of the past year or so we have had the need to replace the charging ports on what seems to be close to a quarter of the total devices (100-125) as users are not exactly the most gentle with their devices when plugging them in. During the repair process we continue to run into an issue where sometimes after replacing the charging port the device still does not charge, no light, won’t turn on, nothing. Currently we have approximately 20 computers that are no longer functional at this point.

We’ve considered the possibility that the issue was BIOS related but we do not get any kind of light codes and the device just does not get power so we’ve scratched that idea.

We’ve done everything from unplugging all accessories components such as the speaker assembly, wireless card, daughter boards, only having the battery plugged in, removing the battery, any combination of that with the charging port. “Jumping” the system by quickly shoving the battery or charging port into its slot while being powered and have gotten zero results.

Using a Multi-Meter to probe the contacts where the adapter is seated into the main board shows just under 60w (19.5V @ 3.33A) which is the correct supply for this laptop. Probing further down the motherboard shows that most of the board is in fact receiving power, and is correctly stepping down the voltage to 5v and 3v where needed. During this point pressing the power button does nothing at all, no light anywhere, no screen flicker, the device just does not power on. Testing the battery in this way also shows the correct voltage.

As stated before we’ve contacted HP support regarding the problems we are having and they had simply told us “Contact your vendor,” when we had purchased the devices directly from a rep at HP according to my Boss.

This is where things begin to get weird.

During the time we experienced an interesting occurrence with the main boards marked, and thoroughly tested bad that sit on a shelf in a parts bin. It appears some of them are being “revived” on their own and the issue is resolved without our intervention. This typically happens between 2-3 months after we first deem the board bad. We understand the logic behind power being left in the system after removing power sources, and understand pressing the power button a couple of times helps remove this residual power. That being said we’ve done experiments where we leave the power button held down over night and that does not help the issue.

Our most recent discover is a test done with a USB load tester I ordered for a separate matter. Taking the tester and plugging it into a known good laptop does nothing until the device is powered on, and then the tester beeps and the display turns on showing the draw from the port. Switching over to the “Bad” system, we only have the power button and battery plugged in (since the charging port doesn’t work) and plugging the tester into the same USB port instantly turns it on even without turning the device one leading me to believe the board is constantly getting power and nothing is preventing it from being regulated.

I’ve had the theory that one the charging ports break and the bit of plastic inside of them comes out the pins get bent or move and touch each other causing some kind of short at the power connector. This theory however does not explain why after some amount of time some of the boards miraculously start working again.

Any ideas or knowledge would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
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Apr 10, 2018

This model laptop does not have any form of backup battery such as a CR2032. Instead the use the laptops main battery in its place. For example we use the laptops in legacy mode vs UEFI, removing the battery for a few moments means we need to change this setting back from UEFI to legacy.
Apr 10, 2018

I wouldn't even know where to start looking for those, or even if they are obtainable.
Apr 10, 2018

I'm currently in a different location from the devices in question, Here are some pictures of the board front and back found on google.



Jan 19, 2012
"It appears some of them are being “revived” on their own and the issue is resolved without our intervention. This typically happens between 2-3 months after we first deem the board bad."

I don't have anything too useful to say except a confirmation of this with a HP G6. It would not power up ... no light by the charging port, nothing ... replaced the charge port, cmos battery, tried different batteries, chargers ... did the power button thing ... nothing did anything. Shelved the laptop and after a few months decided to have another look at it ... it booted up straightaway and has been working fine ever since. I'm glad to have it working but wish I had some insight as to what changed. So ... I'm following this thread with interest.

Sorry but the answer to sinomentoast will be private.

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