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  1. Question Samsung TV turning off randomly and sometimes not even turning on

    The TV turns off randomly and quite often wont even turn on. I'm not very good with TV's but I've had a quick look and it doesn't seem to be the capacitors or anything else obvious like that, I've attached some images just in-case i'm wrong though. Would really appreciate some help and if any...
  2. S

    Multiple HP Laptops not turning on after charging port replacements

    To provide some background on the situation: We have approximately 400-500 HP Stream 11 (1st gen) Pro devices We’ve contacted HP many times about the issue We’ve spent close to a year working on this issue on our own We are an HP certified repair center, and have access to replacement parts We...
  3. M

    what is the cause of this problem?

    my zotac en970 mini pc wont power up anymore and it just shut down while browsing with google. then a spark came from the dc input jack and a bad smell. unplugged and checked the adapter plugs to make sure they were in properly and when plugged back in again it sparked at the dc input on the...
  4. LightningsalesUK

    GoPro Hero 2 Not Working?

    So my GoPro Hero 2 Has been on a shelf for around a year being unused, I decided to try and and start it up for the first time in a while, I plugged it in however the red light comes up and any attempts to get it to turn on fail. Could it be that it hasn't charged enough yet or my GoPro needs...
  5. A

    Tablet display faulty! w/ videos!

    I'm not sure if this is the correct location for this question, if not please move it to where it is meant to be, or inform me, I simply assumed as it is a display issue. I have had my Asus Eee slate EP121 for a while and have had no problems with it, then a bit back it just stopped...
  6. S

    MSI GS60 Charger faulty?

    Hi there, When I plug my charger into my laptop, it's not staying connected. The charger is staying in the actual laptop, but windows keeps saying it's coming in and out and so in the blue LED indicator. Anyone got an idea of the problem? Thanks!
  7. A

    Laptop GPU (GT755M) Malfunctioning?

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y510P with a single GT755M GPU. Whenever I attempt to play a game that is graphically intense, my game will become pixelated, freeze, and lead to my laptop restarting itself. When the game freezes, I can Alt+Tab out and I will have a notification stating "application has...