I have received a lg dvd receiver LH-T550 With surround sound system but the dvd isn't reading discs,so how can I make use of

Sep 28, 2018
How can I get use from my lg surround sound system with my t.v if the dvd receiver has stopped reading discs? I have a 42"LG led t.v
How do you want to use this unit? If it can't play disks, that's probably the reason it was given to you. You can open it and check whether you can replace the DVD part of it.

You can use it as a stereo receiver (eg connecting external DVD player thru AV IN connector), or as a radio. If you want TV sound to go thru it, you can connect "Headphones Out" of your TV to AV In.

This is an example of why I would not recommend getting any of these Home-Theather-In-a-Box (HTB) - when DVD/BD fails, you're left with shiny box you can't fully utilize.
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