Looking for a new 55" TV. Need suggestions


Apr 2, 2011
Hey, how are you doing?

We are looking into upgrading our TV to something new. For the basic idea what we are looking for (but not limited to) here's two TVs that we've had our eye on:

- Philips LED TV 55PUS7303
- Samsung LED TV UE55NU7172UXXH

Again, looking for something you guys would recommend in a similar style as the two above.

Looking forward to your answers. Thanks for taking your time to read through the post!
They don't sell Philips where I am so no opinion here.
Samsung is your safe choice.

Are you game to take a risk? TCL 55R615/617. New low price where I am usd$499/549. A risk because field report says quality control not great, so you should be able to prepared to return if unhappy, buy somewhere u can return local, but if ur lucky, you get a TV with features only obtainable from TV $2x as much.


Apr 2, 2011

Returning the TV and all seems a bit more risky than I'd like. Think ill pass on it!

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