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  1. und3rtaker

    Solved! Looking for a new 55" TV. Need suggestions

    Hey, how are you doing? We are looking into upgrading our TV to something new. For the basic idea what we are looking for (but not limited to) here's two TVs that we've had our eye on: - Philips LED TV 55PUS7303 - Samsung LED TV UE55NU7172UXXH Again, looking for something you guys would...
  2. N

    Solved! Laptop for FLStudio

    Hey, I am a music producer/DJ , and I want a laptop on the go that can handle some pretty heavy music production loads and still not break the bank. My budget is about 2000-2500 usd. My current options are- Alienware 15 r4 configured with i9. Dell XPS 15 Asus Zenbook pro (the one with...
  3. S

    Want to buy laptop

    So i want to buy a laptop. I am living in Greece. Its for home using purposes, meaning a little light gaming, a lot of surfing and some word and excel uses. I dont care about the size of it. I am hoping for a 1980x1060 resolution, but its not that important to me. I want it to have 8gb ram...
  4. Mosteeze

    New Laptop Suggestions?

    Hi! I need a laptop that can handle heavy music production & video rendering as well as a bit of gaming every now and then. Budget: £500-800 GBP I had a Toshiba Satellite S55-A5274: Price: $799 USD (American bought) CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 3rd Gen 3337U (1.80-2.70GHz) GPU: 2GB GDDR3 NVIDIA®...
  5. Prestigebumps1

    Looking for laptop suggestions

    So I'm planning to get a new laptop for school (write essays, powerpoints etc...) and maybe be able to do a little gaming on the side (small games like WoW and Civ 6) I feel that its also worth mentioning that I'm fully comfortable with adding my own ram/ssd/hdd with the laptop to increase its...
  6. N

    Gaming laptop $1500 range, need suggestions

    I'm looking for a gaming laptop for around $1,500. I've been looking at the ASUS ROG G751JY-VS71(WX) and the MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G-1438. I'd like to know the best laptops in this category. 1080p, 980m, etc. What's the best I can do for those kind of specs around $1,500? More generally, I want...
  7. D

    Netflix Content Suggestions

    Please forward my suggestions. Thank you Dear Reed Hastings, CEO I love my Netflix. I have suggestions. Create a category for Movies vs TV Series. If I want to watch a movie, I don't want to go through Netflix Suggestions for TV Series. I am sure you don't either when you are not working...
  8. R

    Dutiful Son searching for laptop for Tech Impaired Mother, any recommendations? Speech-to-text a requirement.

    Hey all! I'm helping my mom pick out a new laptop (i.e. telling her which one to buy) but am finding it challenging - her preferences & requirements are completely different than mine. Was hoping some of you folks might have recommendations so I can find her something she'll be happy with...
  9. JustABlueJay

    1st-gen i7 HP Elitebook Laptops worth it?

    Hi, recently I've been thinking to get a new laptop, as I have a pretty old/slow one. an NV78 with a core 2 duo and 4gb of RAM. I've been looking at HP Elitebooks as I heard they're durable, being a business-model and all. I want to keep my budget approximately $400 or below, and so I usually...
  10. I

    Laptop for general college usage

    Ok, so i want a budget college laptop that is capable of: Video streaming e.g. Twitch, Youtube, Netflix. And also general web browsing, i dont care about gaming what so ever. I would also like to be able to use photoshop on teh machine if possible but if not i can just use my desktop at home for...
  11. TheHazzaaHD

    Laptop suggestions? (MORE HELP NEEDED)

    Hello everyone, I'm ordering a new Laptop tonight and wondered if you have any better suggestions to the Laptop which I have chosen? I'm on a budget around £850 and if you link me anything please make sure it's a UK retailer as prices differ. So the Laptop I think I will purchase later tonight...
  12. S

    How bad is the Lenovo Y50 Screen? Any gaming laptop suggestions? Please help.

    Want to purchase a really good gaming laptop (wanted to get Asus Rog g750JM, but its to big and heavy). Looking at the Lenovo Y50 and heard some mix reviews about the screen quality? Is it really that bad and noticeable? Would it be possible to switch out the screens at a later time? Any other...
  13. B

    [Need Advice] Parts search to build 'gaming' laptop (~$1200-$1600)

    Hi! I'm a student, and I use my computer mainly for video games and in-game recording with a recording software (causes framedrop) and also render videos (takes quite a few hours on current laptop). TL : DR This summer, I will have enough money to buy all parts in one go for a laptop build. But...
  14. zeyads3

    trying to find a laptop with this price..

    Hello everyone, im searching for a laptop, not very expensive, max=100$ a good laptop for the price, i will use it to download music and surf the internet, and play games like minecraft... any suggestions?