Solved! Samsung TV goes black when HDMI is inserted

Jul 24, 2020

Two weeks ago, my Samsung TV (UN65EH6000F) went completely blank out of the blue. Totally black screen, no sign of life, no access to the TV menu.

This TV is connected to a PC running Windows 10. After some troubleshooting, I realized the TV is blank as long as it’s is connected via HDMI to my PC. If I unplug the HDMI (from either the PC or the TV), the TV comes back on and I can access its menu.

Solutions I tried, to no avail:
  • All relevant projection settings from Windows 10: "extended", "duplicate", "2nd screen only" (< vast majority of people with this issue solve it like this)
  • Connecting TV to a different PC
  • Connecting TV to PC via a different HDMI cable
  • Connecting both HDMI 1 port and HDMI 2 port on the TV
  • Changed HDMI input to HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 from TV menu
  • TV settings reset from the TV menu
  • Various lower resolutions on the source PC
  • Unplugged and left TV off for a few minutes
  • Restarted the PCs
  • Updating TV firmware (already had the latest version)
  • Updated my PC display drivers on Windows 10 (inc. uninstalling and reinstalling them)
  • Called Samsung technical support who were completely useless
I'm about to give up. This TV is out of warranty and I can get a new one for a couple hundreds more than it will likely cost to fix.
But feels stupid to buy a new one because the TV is clearly still operational, everything works fine as long as HDMI is not connected.

Any last ditch effort suggestions are much appreciated
Does the TV produce a picture from the internal tuner or apps?
You don't mention is you tried a source other than a PC.
The main AV HDMI tuner board for that TV seems to run about $75 on ebay but if you really want a new TV might as move on it now.
Oct 14, 2020
HDMI ports in alot of devices like game consoles and TVs look innocent enough but a broken joint or loose solder will cause an error when the device's microprocessor does a check on startup.
Since you have narrowed down your suspects to a HDMI port, I would have thought you have checked the relevant pins for proper connections. But of course, changing the whole board works too.