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    Solved! Question: do I want a laptop, tablet, or something else?

    I'd like to get a device to do a few things. I do not understand the current models of touchscreen laptops and tablets with keyboards - I'm overwhelmed. I'd love any advice. I want to use the device to do a few simple things: - watch movies in bed on something bigger than my phone (Netflix...
  2. D

    Black dots and an Ant in my Sony Bravia X7500E?

    Hey guys! i just made my account today and, it's wonderful to finally be part of the Tom's Hardware Community! I have a question / discussion about my Sony Bravia X7500E 49" that i bought around 3 months ago in April. (If you haven't heard of this TV before, i'm not surprised because this TV is...
  3. A

    Why my posts get deleted?

    Hello! Can anyone post tutorials on Tomsguide? Few months ago i posted a tutorial about Mirillis Action! in the tutorial section, but it got deleted. By the way, I also answered to a post, where a person was looking for a screen recorder and recommended the mentioned software and posted a link...
  4. R

    Video Playback Preference

    I am looking to get back into making some YouTube videos and was wonder... What is every ones viewing preference? 1080p @ 60FPS Orrrrr 4K @ 30FPS? Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!
  5. O

    Changing graphics card on my laptop?

    I don't have much experience in building a PC, yet alone, a laptop. While this is the case, I want to ask the community here at TomsGuide if its possible to change a graphics card on a specific laptop. My laptop is an Asus Q552UB-BHI7T12, specs can be found here: I...
  6. N

    Some laptop keys, on keyboard not working after cleaning and reassembly.

    So I have a Dell Inspiron 17r 7720 SE. I took everything apart using this guide :- Also put everything back. The first time I didn't properly plug in the powwer cable into one of the sockets and it wasn't powering on, fixed that, breathed a sigh of relief... Now I managed to start the...
  7. O

    Is This Laptop Good For Gaming?

    I want a laptop that can run atleast Minecraft smoothly, is this a good laptop?
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  9. D

    Surface Pro 4: Which to Choose?

    So I decided to buy a surface pro 4. However, the problem I now run into is that there are quite a lot of configurations to choose from. I am going to be using the surface pro 4 mainly for Photoshop, illustrator and a couple of other editing tools (preferably without any lag) using the pen...
  10. L

    Help me to decide, good sirs

    Hi everyone. So I'm going to buy a new laptop and I have to make a decision. I want to buy one which would have good gaming performances. I have two choices: ASUS X555LN-XO004H nV GeForce GT 840M/2GB Intel Core i5-4210U (1.7 GHz - 2.7 GHz) 1 TB 4GB of RAM 2 Cells 37 Whrs Polymer Battery and...
  11. S

    need help with norton and star citizen

    i just downloaded the latest star citizen launcher from rsi and norton said that it was a high security risk and erased it. what should i do? i want to play the game because i think that its completely legit, but norton doesnt
  12. Cosmopath

    Best USB microphone under $50 for group recording?

    The three mics I've been looking at are the Blue Snowball iCE, CAD U37, and the Samson Meteorite (NOT the Meteor). I've heard the Snowball wasn't good for group recording, so I'm unsure of which one to go with. This is for a group gaming channel. I'm from Canada, so if you find any microphones...
  13. E

    Subwoofer and amp wattage Question

    Okay so firstly I just purchased a Alpine Type-R 12 inch subwoofer and I have it wired to an 800 watt amp. The subwoofer can handle 1000 watts RMS. So I was wondering if it was anyway possible for me to even blow out this subwoofer since it can handle an extra 200 watts then my amp can even put...
  14. Ant Vo

    Winegard vs Mohu Leaf TV Antennas

    Hello. So I am deciding on removing DirectTV from my house and am switching to TV antennas. These two look good and I am wondering, which one is the better choice? Winegard...
  15. R

    Buying a Gaming Laptop

    Hey there. I just have a question about purchasing a laptop for gaming. Now, I just want to say this, I'm not looking to do higher end gaming. All I want to play from time to time are game emulators. -ePSXe (For playstation 1 games) -Virtual Boy Advance (For GBA games) -Project64 (Nintendo 64...
  16. hi9580

    Why are there no gaming laptops that use desktop GPUs'?

    Lack of space: Heat dispersion: Too expensive: No need/interest/get a desktop: So why not?
  17. CharlieBakes96

    Will the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO fit in my Case ?

    Hello i am looking to buy the cooler master tx3 evo off amazon ( amazon link) i am wondering will it fit into my zalman z3 plus ( amazon link to case) HERE IS A PIC WILL THIS STILL BE ABLE TO FIT OR WILL THE GPU GET IN THE WAY ...
  18. lolwut767

    My Toshiba Tecra 8100 is DEAD! D:

    Hi there. I'm in a spot of bother. I've got a Tecra 8100, and since a few months ago, the laptop just won't start. I get a few lights; the "Plugged in" light, the On light, the "Charging" light, and the DVD Drive light. They never seem to go off. Also, the hard drive spins up. No activity...
  19. D

    Asus K55VD Laptop BlackScreens after Sleep mode

    Basically ,What I did was, put the laptop lid down as I worked on homework it automatically goes into sleep mode, turned it back on this happens.THIS THING IS ONLY 1MONTH OLD!! Did everything I found to help that doesn't involve opening it up and considering I don't want my mum finding this out...
  20. K

    Anything better than this for <= $800?

    Is there a laptop that has better gaming power than the MSI CX61 or the Acer Aspire V3 for $800 or less? (No Asus please, bad history with them). Which is better of the two listed? I used to think Acer was a very cheap company, has it changed over the past few years? (exact MSI CX61)...