Why my posts get deleted?


Sep 4, 2017
Hello! Can anyone post tutorials on Tomsguide?
Few months ago i posted a tutorial about Mirillis Action! in the tutorial section, but it got deleted. By the way, I also answered to a post, where a person was looking for a screen recorder and recommended the mentioned software and posted a link to the site ([link removed]) and it also got deleted.

It would like to know, if my tutorial/post was deleted because of the link to the site? I saw many people posting links, why their posts didn't get deleted?
I am not mod and did not delete your post so only the one who deleted your post can answer their reason.

Now the site does not allow any soliciting so if it seemed like you were affiliated with mirills then that could cause a mod to delete the post.
Did you look at the sticky regarding forum rules?


Because [strike]all[/strike] 90% of your post is link to that site.
Look more like advertising then helping.
And your dup account doing the same. [strike]eddthegamer's [/strike], not anymore, banned