Asus K55VD Laptop BlackScreens after Sleep mode


Jun 24, 2013
Basically ,What I did was, put the laptop lid down as I worked on homework it automatically goes into sleep mode, turned it back on this happens.THIS THING IS ONLY 1MONTH OLD!!
Did everything I found to help that doesn't involve opening it up and considering I don't want my mum finding this out, I'm attempting to repair this on my own by opening it up and voiding the warranty. The top culprits I'm suspecting is hard-drive failure, motherboard failure, inverter failure, memory failure or that magnet thing that detects whether it's closed or not. Also, i disabled windows 7's "booting up" chime so I really don't know whats happening

Anyways here's a video into what I did and proof


I'm literally holding screwdrivers attempting to open, someone please help!!1