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  1. A

    Solved! Asus T101-HA does not enter sleep mode by command

    My Asus T101-HA enters sleep mode correctly by closing the lid. But when I click the sleep option in the start menu it hibernates. I disabled hibernation, but this does not help. As I very often switch between sleep/wake, I do not want every time open/close the lid. I don't like hibernation...
  2. M

    laptop shifts to sleep from shutdown

    i bought a laptop, and when the parcel reached, the battery was low as dead... i charged it when i shut it down and leave it overnight, and turn it on the other day, it wakes from sleep, and has consumed a lot of battery... don't know if it is hardware or software problem... don't...
  3. T

    Solved! westinghouse smart tv

    my new westinghouse smart tv is turning off because of the timer feature..... but I checked..... and the sleep mode is off. is this smart tv faulty???? cheers!!
  4. H

    Laptops keyboard is not working properly after cleaning without dissembling.

    i cleaned my toshiba Laptop without dissembling with minimum polishing liquid when it was in sleep mode. and when i turned it on it was making beeping sound and some keys are not working properly, for instance the arrow keys can be used once and 5 numerical key is not working at all. i checked...
  5. B

    Sony Vaio not powering up

    Hi I have a Sony VAIO laptop. I kept the laptop for sleep mode before i went for lunch. Now when I try to turn it on it doesn't wake up. I kept long pressing the power button. But no use. It is not powering up It was using Windows 10 Please help me in resolving this
  6. M

    laptop screen immediately turns blank when no key pressed

    HI all, I have acer laptop. i put my laptop in sleep mode and forgot to turn it off for last 1 month. yesturday when i turned on it, the screen immediately turn off when no key pressing or no mouse movement. when i press any key, it turned on again. Please help me to resolve this issue...
  7. M

    Brother Brand new laptop BSOD an unsual code

    The code was Machine check exception He told me it was in sleep mode and it gave him this when he started it back any clues ? its an asus laptop
  8. X

    Solved! Lenovo T450S screen turn off randomly, only come back wakeup sleep mode or switch back from projector

    Lenovo T450S has screen turn black randomly issue. The screen turns off randomly, but all other modules still work, like key board, video play, .... The screen display can come back when close the lid and open it again, i.e. let laptop enters sleep mode, then wake it up. Or switch display from...
  9. Tribalworm

    Solved! Lenovo 520 won't turn on

    Bought my wife a Yoga 520 3 months ago for some light work. The other night she left it in sleep mode and never plugged it in tonight I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't. I charged it for a while and still nothing, I hit the rest button for 10 seconds and still nothing. Any suggestions on...
  10. M

    Solved! Asus UX430UA battery drain in sleep mode

    My brand new Asus UX430UA laptop completely drains in sleep mode overnight. When I've read answers to similar questions about other models, people say to check for what's running in the background. Can someone explain how I would check that? Also, I can't imagine what could possibly be running...
  11. Vox

    Solved! Lid doesn't switch system to standby mode

    I have a HP laptop F0Y9EA#AKC model with the latest x64 windows 10. Sometimes, when I close the lit lid, the laptop doesn't go to sleep mode, therefore no password asking when anyone opens the lid. Will this be a laptop or system problem? It's already set in power saving and other settings to...
  12. B

    Monitor always on sleep mode with hdmi cable

    hi, yesterday a bought a new samsung monitor (24" FHD Monitor SF350 ) and a 10 m hdmi cable (Valueline HDMI 1.4). The problem is that when I connect my laptop to the monitor with the cable, the monitor automaticaly goes into sleep mode. I have tried 2 more hdmi cables( 2 m. each) and they work...
  13. K

    Solved! Sleep or hibernation without switching off the graphics card...?

    Hi all, my question is, whether the above is possible. I have a borrowed laptop (until my own gets repaired) - Acer Aspire V5 with Windows 8 (sic! :[ ) - which has a problem with graphics card (I was told, and the owner was told in a repair shop some years ago). After turning on, the computer...
  14. D

    My dell laptop goes to sleep mode automatically

    My laptop goes to sleep mode after getting heated.And in the taskbar,disk usage is always 100%.What can be the solution for it?
  15. M

    my new mouse prevent pc sleep !!

    I bought a new mouse for my PC but since I plugged it , the PC can't sleep.when I press sleep it begin to sleep then the PC immediately wakes up.I unchecked the checkbox which say "allow this device to wake the computer" but the problem not solved
  16. L

    Laptop randomly goes to sleep after my battery fried

    Hello. I have a problem with my laptop - Lenovo Y700 17ISK Recently my battery fried and from that moment my laptop randomly goes to sleep. I didn't sense any pattern and I have no idea what could be wrong. I would really appriciate it if you could help me. Thank you in advance.
  17. R

    PCIe Wireless Card Disconnects When Laptop Sleeps?

    For school I purchased an HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 7 and Vega 10. It works as intended except for one minor but very annoying problem- every time I close the lid and the laptop sleeps for more than a few minutes the wireless adapter becomes disconnected completely in the device manager. Another...
  18. C

    Solved! Waking up laptop from sleep mode

    I have a lenovo ideapad 110. How do i wake it up from sleep mode? Currently i have to hold and press the power button for it t
  19. K

    Lexmark in sleep mode

    Power button on, but in energy saving mode. will not turn on.
  20. D

    Sound stops working on laptop when lifting up or tilting it

    Hey! I have a problem with my laptop. For example, I'm listening to a song and if I lift/tilt my laptop I can hear a crackling sound and the sound stops working. If I put my computer on sleep mode and then wake it up again, the sound works again. Do you have any idea what the problem might be?
  21. C

    Laptop goes intor sleep mode whenever I charge it.

    It goes to sleep mode when I charge it. If I don't use it it doesn't go to sleep mode, but if I try watching a movie or playing a game it automatically goes into sleep mode. The time it's never the same. Sometimes it sleeps after a minute, other times (rerely) after 20 minutes.
  22. M

    Going in sleep mode again and again

    Hey friends please help me! I have dell Inspiron 5050 with 4gb ram and intel core i3 with windows 7 the problem is it’s going in sleep mode. I know it’s not big deal to going in sleep mode but it’s going again and again in just one or two seconds but some time it work fine!! When it go on...
  23. F

    Asus ux360ca won't sleep when it's shut

    My asus ux360ca won't actually go to sleep when I close it. The power light will flash on and off for a while then turn on completely and the screen will be on while it's shut. It used to do this only sometimes but now does it every time it's shut, even when I close every application before...
  24. FreeSabre

    High Temps after Waking from Sleep.

    So here's my dillemma: I just put new thermal paste on the heatsink two days ago, the Gelid something something, the good stuff. Temps were great up until an hour ago. Nothing's changed except I downloaded minecraft mods and one of them came from a site google didn't like(showed the red x), but...
  25. M

    Mobile not going in sleepmode

    I have tried in settings by changing time frequency even though it is not going in sleep mode what can do
  26. O

    Asus R541uv sleep mode problem :(

    HELLO I have a ASUS R541U stuck in sleep mode unresponsive to any input. There are two indicator lights. The Power light flashes. The Charger light does not come on at all. The stock charger measures 19.5 V No response to keypad, Space, Escape, or Power Button. Holding the power button for...
  27. L

    Lenovo 910 won't come out of sleep mode

    Lenovo 910 powers on with blinking lights but doesn't boot up as if it is stuck in hibernation mode.
  28. S

    Asus UX305 laptop black screen, power and caps lock buttons lighted up

    My Asus zenbook UX305 went to sleep mode, power and caps lock buttons are lighted up but the screen is black. I pressed power button to force shut down. I pressed power button again for 30 sec but only power and caps lock buttons lighted up and still black screen. Can anyone help me on this...
  29. H

    Black screen in google chrome

    So I have this problem that whenever I try to search something from google chrome as soon as I type a letter my screen goes off but only the graphics are gone the screen and all the other things work. And when I put it in sleep mode and open it again it goes back to normal. How do I fix this...
  30. A

    Laptop going repeatedly in sleep mode after a disassembly

    Hi. Yesterday I disassembled my Asus U30JC notebook to fix a problem of phisical instability of the USB ports (I cleaned them and repositioned the metal contacts). It was the first time I did it and I followed a step by step video tutorial. After reassembling the laptop, it did not turn on. I...
  31. Z

    Is there any known keyboard toggle button for the Acer Aspire e15?

    My laptops keyboard just stoped working. When i left, the computer was in sleep mode and when i csme back it was off. When i tried to log back in, the keyboard wasnt working.
  32. D

    Laptop won't turn on

    My fujistu laptop is in some kind of sleep mode. When I press the power button it acts like it's sleeping(lights beep). I tried ,,hard restarting" it but it doesn't work. What should I do?
  33. M

    Lenovo thinkpad not turning on

    Hi My brand new thinkpad T470 won't turn on after it goes to sleep mode and even when it was shutdown properly. Had to use the reset button at the back to turn it on. Please advise.
  34. of0xo

    Laptop goes to sleep only when playing PUBG

    Hello everyone, Since last week, my laptop started to go to sleep while playing PUBG. It does during a match, randomly, and still don't have a clue about why is doing it. This is what I have tried until today: *Checked system's temperatures, but nothing over 55-60º, no matther the game is...
  35. A

    My laptop is in trouble! I cant on my laptop no matter what! Its not that it didnt charge! Idk why it won open i put in sleep

    I put my laptop in sleep mode then when i tried to on it! It wont open! Itried so many ways and still cant open! Help
  36. F

    Hot aspire laptop wont turn on

    Hi. Earlier today I placed my acer aspire E5 473 to sleep mode and placed it inside my luggage. When I came back at the hotel about 6 hrs after and upon opening my luggage, I noticed that my laptop had gone so very hot. After letting it cool down and plugging it to turn it on, nothing is on the...
  37. D

    when i plug my laptops charger out of my laptop it goes to sleepmode. Is there any settings i can change?

    when I plug my laptop's charger out of my laptop it goes into sleep mode. Can you please tell me how to fix it.
  38. A

    Acer Apire E5-575G-52DA does not shut down or sleep or restart

    Please help. I have an Acer Aspire E5-575-52DA It was working properly for a long time but today I inserted an old SD card of my uncle to view old pictures and after I view what files are on there, I turned off my laptop but it didn't shut down.. I tried to shut it down again but nothing...
  39. E

    Newly purchased Acer Aspire 5 acting up. Keeps going to sleep on it's own no matter what.

    Hey. Few days ago I bought a new Acer Aspire 5 (A517-51G Everything's all fine and dandy, except one thing. For some reason the laptop keeps constantly going to sleep mode after approximately 2 minutes...
  40. P

    Inspiron i7559-763BLK - Screen won't turn on out of sleep mode

    I have a strange issue going on and wondering if anyone can help me, at my wits end. Within the last few months or so, the laptop screen won't turn on coming out of sleep mode. Usually when I'm finished for the night, I'll just close the screen. Or if I step away for a while the screen turns...
  41. S

    Solved! Toshiba M50-A-118 doesn't shutdown or sleep

    Dear tomshardware community, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that can't properly shut down or sleep/hibernate (restart is fine). What happens, frequently after some hours of usage, is that uppon asking the PC to shutdown/sleep, it will try to do so and then the screen goes black. But the...
  42. S

    Sleep/Shutdown Restart HP Spectre x360 Convertible

    I have a HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-bl1XX, running windows 10. Recently, within this week, when it enters sleep mode it will eventually restart and then when i go to open the lid and wake it up it has restarted so all the tabs open are closed. Then when I try to shut it down, it just...
  43. S

    My space bar keeps shutting my laptop off please help!

    Every time I press the space bar on my asus laptop it goes into sleep mode. I’m in school and it’s a big hassle. How do I make it stop?
  44. D

    Acer swift 1 can't wake-up from sleep mode

    Anyone can help me wake-up acer swift 1 from sleep mode.powere come on in white light but can't log in
  45. F

    Solved! Black screen and Kernel Power error after sleep mode on new laptop

    Yesterday i was trying to wake up my Dell 7577 from sleep mode. Screen was black all the time, keyboard was lighting on red but laptop won't turn on. After holding power button for a few seconds laptop restarded. In event log i found Kernel Power 41 (63) and DistributedCOM 10016 errors. Laptop...
  46. B

    Solved! Laptop Wakes Up & Turns Off When Moved

    Hello, In the past couple weeks I have had issues with my laptop (Acer Aspire v5-561p-6823), which is almost 4 years old now. First I started experiencing issues with my charger. If I moved my charger the laptop would stop charging. I got a new charger & it helped, however every now and again...
  47. F

    Laptop won't boot *from sleep mode* - screen flickers/color bars

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5559 that's roughly 2.5 years old. So this past December my laptop decided it didn't want to boot from sleep mode. It still boots fine from a full power down, it works fine, but if I close it and try to boot it up again, it gives me a black screen and nothing else unless...
  48. T

    ASUS Stuck in Sleep Mode

    Hello all, I have a ASUS R541U stuck in sleep mode unresponsive to any input. There are two indicator lights. The Power light flashes. The Charger light does not come on at all. The stock charger measures 19.5 V No response to keypad, Space, Escape, or Power Button. Holding the power button...
  49. I

    Laptop fails to recover from Sleep mode, weird vertical lines appear on monitor.

    Hello. I have the 2016 Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop. I went in my order history and this is the link to the one I ordered from Amazon: I am having a problem where if I manually put the laptop to sleep or I...
  50. H

    I have a gateway desktop with windows 10. It worked fine earlier. It shut itself off even though i put it in sleep mode. I tur

    Blank blue screen on desktop
  51. C

    Get windows 7 out of sleep mode

    My computer won't wake up from the touchpad on my sony Vaio i3. Any ideas? Window7 home premium
  52. A

    Battery not charging when in windows but charges only when completely power off

    it only seems to charge in sleep mode or when its off. if the laptop is somewhat charged and i plug the ac adapter in. the light will only illuminate white and it wont say its charging. the only way i work around it is if i let my comp go into sleep mode. then i turn it off completely. then...
  53. M

    Battery issues on windows 10

    I have an Asus N551JX and i experience many problems with battery.Laptop turns off without low battery warning.When i close the lid it doesn't enter in sleep mode.I have checked the settings and are fine.I have read other posts which say to check display drivers but i don't know if it will help...
  54. T

    My Toshiba's screen keeps going to sleep whenever I 2 finger scroll on the touch pad and I can't figure out how to stop it?

    My Toshiba's screen keeps going to sleep whenever I 2 finger scroll on the touch pad and I can't figure out how to stop it. I have tried looking through all the keyboard, touch pad, scrolling and screen settings and nothing seems to show why this would be happening. I have just had my screen...
  55. M

    My Next book ares 11A won't charge or turn on .there is no information on this problem.

    The Next book ares 11A with nook for android I bought it from wall Mart seven months ago. It went in to sleep mode and the battery died after it was in sleep mode. Now the Next book won't turn on at all. Is there a master reset procedure? How can o get this fixed there is no information anywhere...
  56. T

    Samsung j5 sleep mode

    Where is sleep mode and how can I turn it off
  57. V

    I have lenovo u42-70 model 80jv laptop and it gone in sleep mode. I tried do everything but unable to restart it

    My laptop u41-70 is in sleep mode . When I tried to switch on, only it light blink once and again gone ofg
  58. N

    Problem With Laptop's Hibernate, Shutdown, Restart,Sleep Mode

    Hello Community i just have installed windows 10 in my laptop few days ago. before that i was using Windows 7 in my laptop. i'm facing issues with Shutdown,Hybernate,Restart things. problem is sometimes when i restart my laptop it gets shutdown and sometimes it only gets restart. and when i...
  59. X

    Display Problems on Laptop

    So, This morning a windows update rolled in. Now every time when I wake the laptop from sleep mode I get a rainbow screen. This link has an image of an HP laptop that has the same exact problem I currently Receive...
  60. J

    Toshiba Ultrabook keeps going into sleep mode when in use

    Hello All, I've got a Toshiba Satelitte E45W-C4200X. It has been working fine up until a few days ago. All of the sudden it randomly goes into sleep or stand by mode. I'll open the lid or tap a key to wake it up and open an internet browser. Once I try doing a search the screen goes black and...