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  1. M

    Lenovo wont wake up

    My lenovo yoga 500 cant wake up from sleep mode. How do i reboot it cause it has an inbuilt battery i cannot take it off??
  2. F

    Laptop Hibernating Problem

    My Windows 10 laptop (HP Pavilion G6) will go to hibernate mode and will not let me get back to my screen until the power button goes off, then I press on it and it's back to normal. Otherwise, I have to wait. I have tried CPU issues, sleeping issues, settings changes but nothing.
  3. NeoneedsaPC

    G751JY Self-Sleeping in Normal Mode, only Working in Safe Mode.But i need ma' GPU!

    Well i cant use my G751JY-DH71 in Normal Mode,cus it goes to Sleep mode in 20 Seconds repeadetly,so i have to use Safe Mode.Overheating isnt the Problem.I wanna play Mineraft, but my GPU isnt working in there.I enabled Sound and Stuff,and even reinstaling Windows doesnt help.Is there a...
  4. D

    reinstalled win 7 keeps going into sleep mode

    I was forced recently to re-install Windows 7 after some problems arose thant I could not fix . The laptop is an Acer Extensa 5620 , rather old now but still functioning . After reinstalling ( this time I changed to 64 bit ) it was working very well . Now it keeps going into sleep mode . ODDLY...
  5. S

    Laptop very slow after waking up from sleep/hibernate - Ive tried all the usual suggestions

    Hi guys, thought I would try here, hope its the right section. Recently, like a week to now, my laptop has been struggling a lot. Its maybe 2 weeks ago I noticed it but the past few days its been worse. Heres the problem: When I wake the laptop from sleep or hibernate, window loads but nothing...
  6. D

    Computer going to sleep mode , Help !

    So hello . My computer was working loud , so i changed thermopaste and then started my problems . Pc goes sleep during gaming , looking films , and siting in internet . Sometimes he goes sleep 3 times in 5 min. sometimes 1 time in 1 hour. Coolers working fine . Temperature good . Sleeping...
  7. F

    Sleep mode is a good choice

    Hello, i wanted to know if i do something good: -what sleep mode do, it will turn off all components except the ram in low power state? -my laptop will have problems or will become slow if i always use sleep mode instead of shutdown?
  8. U

    can anyone tell me how to make my laptop sleep after every 25 mins in a loop. that is i want to sleep regardless if i am using

    auto sleep loop every 25th min help with command needed. I dont want to use power options because that will make it sleep if my laptop is in active. I want to make my laptop sleep every 25mins regardless if i am using the computer or not. This has to be without me setting a timer every 25min...
  9. L

    whenever I switch on my pc - msi U230 the sleep mode light only comes on. There is light on the "On" button also. Nothing el

    Lalitha Thiagarajan Whenever I switch on my pc - msi U230 - the sleep mode light only comes on. There is light on the "On" button also. Nothing else is happening. My pc is sitting idle for the last 2 weeks. Every day, I am religiously switching on the pc a few times - no luck so far. Any...
  10. packersfan036

    lenovo y40-80 error code question

    weird thing my laptop went into sleep mode I woke up and it seems that the laptop was off I turned it back on I just don't remember turning off. this is a gaming laptop no issues while playing games etc. the error code said the system watchdog timer was triggered and other codes and I believe...
  11. packersfan036

    usb devices stay on in sleep mode

    all my usb devices stay on in sleep mode mouse, cooling pad etc. does anyone know how to fix this issue? I'm using a Lenovo y40-80 laptop.
  12. K

    My Asus X555UB won't wake up properly after I updated some drivers

    Hello Tom's community recently I updated my Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia GeForce 940M drivers from their respective webs and the laptop stopped waking up after the sleep. Would you recommend to downgrade to the drivers in the Asus support page. Or would you say that it is the famous Win10...
  13. N

    Lenovo Y50-70 (Turbo boost) after waking up from sleep mode problem

    Hello, everyone! I noticed that when when i'm waking up my laptop from sleep mode, somehow the Turbo boost starts to run by it self and my laptop using 3.5GHz speed instead of 1.8GHz of maximum 2.5GHz. (I didn't run anything like games... what usually run the Turbo boost mode. I just wake up...
  14. 8

    Blank Screen After Sleep unless hdmi is connected

    Hi guys, I've recently purchased an Asus GL752vw laptop. I updated the BIOS to the latest version and done a clean Windows 10 install straight away. I've installed all the latest graphics drivers as well as others. The other day, I put the laptop to sleep for the first time and then when I...
  15. M

    My Toshiba laptop keeps going to sleep mode I need real expert advice to solve it

    I have a satellite Toshiba C50-B-14D laptop keeps going to sleep mode and then the machine is being spun but nothing appears on the screen and it goes back to sleep mode
  16. E

    Lenovo Laptop Won't Wake from Sleep Mode

    My laptop wont wake up. I've tried everything, I’ve help the off button for over a minute, I’ve even tried to reset it with a pin but even that doesn't work. When I put it on charge it doesn't even show that its charging. What do I do?
  17. J

    Blank Screen Issues

    My Hp Beats Special Edition Laptop will go blank shortly after i shut down the screen to induce sleep mode and lift it back up to continue playing a video. Afterwards i reset it and it's working fine again but i can't use sleep and then return to my application.
  18. zamandguth

    Laptop shutdown, sleep and restart issues.

    Hi, As far as I'm aware, these problems are not related but they could be. My situation is that I bought the HP Pavilion 14 about 10 months ago and upgraded the RAM from 4gb to 8gb, no problems. Last week I upgraded the HDD from a 750gb WD blue sata 7200rpm drive to a Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd...
  19. F

    Windows 10 Asus isn't turning on

    I recently bought a new windows 10 laptop from asus, the e403 I believe. It was low on charge but it was plugged in when I closed the laptop when I went for dinner. When I got back, the power light and the low battery light were on but I just couldn't get the screen on. I tried holding the power...
  20. B

    Toshiba laptop won't power on

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-5421 and left it in sleep mode for 4-5 days and I tried turning it on yesterday but it won't poWer on. I everything but it still won't power on. Do I have to get a new battery for it and if so where can I find it
  21. D

    laptop screen sometimes turns off

    so back in november i got a new laptop hp17-g121wm and everything is fine till recently. sometimes when i'm on the screen will go black but still the back lite is on. i'll have to hit the power button to put it in sleep mode then poser button again to get the display back. sometimes it'll do it...
  22. V

    Laptop goes into sleep mode after few minutes or immediately.

    Hello, I hold a Dell XPS L502x laptop, When I start it it, sometimes it goes into sleep mode before BIOS settings getting loaded or some times after login into windows. When I press power button immediately, it does not come out of sleep mode. I assume it must be hardware issue. But confused...
  23. M

    Laptop hard resets after waking up from sleep mode

    My laptop hard reset after waking up from sleep mode. I don't know what' the source of the problem; I tried updating all of my drivers, no effect. Currently I have Windows 10 (I upgraded it 2-3 months ago; I did run into some problems with Windows 10, but i don't think it relates to this...
  24. F

    Dell Inspiron 3537 Black Screen When Shutting Down or Sleeping

    I own a Dell Inspiron 15 3537, and whenever I shut it down or put it to sleep it will randomly go to a black screen but the system will remain on. The power light will stay on, along with the internet connection light. No key works, and I'm forced to hold the power button until the system turns...
  25. C

    My Lenovo Y50 shuts down exactly every 30 minutes. (No overheating)

    My Lenovo Y50 is shutting down every 30 minutes, no matter what i do, i can keep it doing nothing, and it shuts down, and i discovered that sleep mode "resets" the timer, and that's the only way to use it for longer time, can somebody help? Oh and it is not a battery setting issue too as far as...
  26. C

    Reboot Sony Bravia40s4100

    Sony Bravia TV stuck in sleep mode, how do I cancel sleep/timer mode.
  27. C

    D610 Sleep mode help

    My Dell Latitude D610 doesn't work when it it closed then opened. When I close the lid and reopen it it is black, I can hear the fans and hard drive but the screen is black. :o :,( :,`(
  28. W

    Laptop Sleep Mode Problem and Battery Power Consumption

    I recently developed a couple of problems with my Dell 17" laptop. The first problem is when the computer is taken out of sleep mode the backlit keyboard stays on and the only way to turn it off is the do a complete restart. The second problem is that the computer uses the battery up very...
  29. K

    Asus UX305 not sleeping/hibernating when lid is closed

    For the past two months, my laptop has been running when my lid is closed. It does not sleep or hibernate. I've tried to change my settings to sleep and nothing happens. Here's a video I found of another laptop with the similar problem: Can...
  30. 1

    Acer E1 510

    Hello, I have a Acer Aspire E1-510 laptop with windows 8.1 and a few days ago it went into sleep mode and now it will not come out of it. I have tried hitting every key and i get nothing... I have removed the battery and tried restarting it but the power come on and the screen stays blank...
  31. T

    Laptop hangs after sleep mode

    Peace upon you i have precesion m4600 i7 4G ram HDD1T with 2G N vidia gforce 1000m On windows 7 ultimate 64x My lap hangs after sleep mode or hibernate when resuming from hibernate i noticed that when i choose delete restoration data = it never hangs always hangs after sleep(waking up frpm...
  32. E

    notebook restarts after coming out from sleep mode

    Hi, notebook restarts after coming out from sleep mode. It's a HP probook 6450b and in the bios the harddisk is set on IDE. It's running windows 10 x64, but had the same problem on windows 7 pro x64. What should i check or do?
  33. ramalpan

    Computer running slow. Battery drains completely during sleep mode

    Hello, I have a gigabyte p34gv2 laptop running windows 8.1. Recently applications (especially chrome) have been loading and running slowly. Furthermore the battery drains almost completely under a few hours in sleep mode. What could be wrong and how could I fix it? I appreciate any help!
  34. G

    Asus UX32L Sleep Button - Where is it?

    Hey, guys, I had some issues with a not long lasting battery on my Laptop. And I just checked whole settings and found strange 'button' which should be on my keyboard. SLEEP button. I don't see it, do you?
  35. TwistedFury

    Asus Laptop Not Sleeping Properly

    If I tell the PC to go to sleep the screen shuts off and the keyboard backlight but doesn't fully go to sleep. There's a set of status lights on the lower front of the laptop, and one showing it's on used to blink when it was sleeping and now it stays on. The rest of the lights besides the...
  36. Nuclear51

    Error: "video_scheduler_internal_error". Please help.

    Hello guys! :) Recently I came upon a problem. I was trying to set my computer into "sleep-mode", but it seems to be some sort of error while trying to do that... I get a blue screen with this folowing message: "video_scheduler_internal_error" each time i try to take my computer into...
  37. T

    how to get sleep mode off my ac120v television

    I have a ac120v model tv that when i turn it in in 30 seconds cut itself off how do i stop it
  38. B

    I have a dell Inspiron that went into sleep mode and now it won't let me do anything, I can't even force it to shut down. Plea

    My computer will not do anything it is all the way charged and stuck in a no wake up sleep mode that won't let me even shut down.
  39. I

    Opening/starting a laptop that doesn't open after leaving it lid closed and did not at sleep mode

    Hello! I can't start/open my Lenovo mini laptop. It was after I left it lid closed when I go to sleep for about 2-3 hours. I forgot to shut it down or even put it on a sleep/hibernate mode. When I have tried to open it, it did not open already. Its fan does not even work. I've tried charging it...
  40. L

    I believe my laptop is on sleep mode cos when i switch the power button the power indicator light came on but the screen was b

    How can turn sleep mode off when already on sleep mode and I cannot switch on
  41. R

    Recovery from sleeper mode

    I have a toshiba satellite laptop its on sleep mode how do recover from sleep mode when my screen won't wake up?
  42. Matthew Wai

    SpeedFan is diasbled automatically after waking up from the sleep mode.

    I am using SpeedFan. In the 'Advanced' settings, all 'PWM mode's have been set to 'manual', i.e. controlled by SpeedFan. But after waking up from the sleep mode, all will be automatically changed to 'DO NOT USE', i.e. controlled by the BIOS, and they won't revert to 'manual' unless SpeedFan is...
  43. O

    I picked up my computer and accidentally locked the screen. I know my password but the cursor won't even move. The screen indi

    I accidentally pressed some keys while picking up my computer which was in sleep mode, and now the word "locked" appears on the screen and I can't type my password to open the screen.
  44. X

    Quick question regarding sleep mode.

    If I put my laptop in sleep mode and leave the AC adapted plugged in the wall, will the computer drain power from the CMOS battery or from the AC adapter? The laptop battery is not plugged in, just the AC adapter.
  45. S

    my flat screen tv keeps going to sleep mode and wont stay on

    Hgtv I turn it on and it keeps flashing orange and every once in a while you hear sound but thats it
  46. A

    Laptop shuts down (low battery) without warning.

    Title is clear. I have tried everything. Laptop wont show any notification and will just go on sleep mode.
  47. M

    My ASUS K550L fan getting loud after recovering from sleep mode

    i have it for 7 months and when i close the display (sleep mode) and turn it back on the fan is loud all the sudden. only after a full restart it gets better. how do i fix this?
  48. A

    Putting the Fitbit Flex into Sleep Mode

    The Fitbit Flex is a fitness tracker that doubles as a sleep tracker. If you are curious about how you sleep and how much time you spend awake or restless at night, the Fitbit Flex is a great device to use. Putting the Fitbit Flex into sleep mode at night is easy and quick. Step 1: Wear your...
  49. C

    Galaxy Note 10.1 2010 shutting down while in sleep mode

    Hi, I rooted my galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition, and since rooting it, I will put it in sleep mode using the power button and occasionally it shuts down while in sleep and I have to completely reboot it. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?
  50. J

    Lenovo G510 laptop won't turn back on after going into sleep mode

    I plugged my laptop into my charger the other night and it was working just fine, but when I woke up the next day I couldn't get it to turn on. I've tried taking the battery out and it didn't work.
  51. G

    cannot wake up from Sleep

    I've got ACER AO-532h for about 4 years. I just realized a couple of weeks ago that the netbook cannot wake up after I put it in a sleep mode for more than 30 minutes. No matter what keys I click, it doesn't wake up. What should I do?
  52. R

    Windows 8.1 Sleep Mode and Crash Problem. Please Help.

    Let me start by saying that I've been troubleshooting this problem for a long time and it is really irritating. I've been a long time user of this site and created my account just to ask you guys for help. Okay, here goes. I have an Acer V3 551 8469 laptop with an AMD A8 4500m APU and 8gb of...
  53. J

    How do I turn off the sleep mode on my Samsung Series 7 ? I do not want to the laptop to go to sleep.

    When the laptop goes into sleep mode the usb ports no longer charge external devices. I cannot find a place in the control panel that lets me turn off sleep or adjust the length of time before it goes to sleep. Windows 8.1 Samsung Chronos series 7.
  54. A

    I have a shutdown /s -t 10320 command in place but i have hibernated my computer.

    I gave the command "Shutdown /s -t 10320" and than i hibernated(and also made it sleep a few times) my computer will this stop the countdown timer in the system and resume when i resume windows please answer
  55. B

    Why won't my laptop come out of sleep mode?

    So I left my laptop running and then it went into sleep mode so I tried to get it back however it wouldn't come out of sleep mode. I tried wiggling the mouse, pressing a number of keys on the keyboard, pressing ctrl +alt + del at the same time but it won't come out. So how do I get it out of...
  56. X

    Charging issue Sony Vaio

    I have a sony vaio vpcea36fm and it has a charging issue recently. When the lap top is on it will NOT charge proper. It charges and stops charging constantly. Charge, not charge, about every second. If I turn the lap top off it will charge straight through. If I put it in sleep mode it will...
  57. M

    Laptop not shutting completely (Power light and fan stays on after shutdown)

    Hi, I have an Acer Asipre 4755G laptop (2nd Gen i5, 1GB Nvidia GT 540M, 3 GB RAM, 500 GB HD). And I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 in my laptop yesterday. I have had the laptop for over two years running the same windows but it had slowed down so I wanted a fresh install...
  58. S

    Lenovo V570 USB charge while in Sleep/Hibernate

    Hi All. I have a Lenovo V570 that I want to set up to charge my phone via USB while the laptop is asleep/hibernating. Is there a way to configure the USB to keep charging while sleeping or is there already one of the 3 USBs that does this already and I am overlooking it?
  59. J

    sleep mode problem

    how i turn off and on toshiba laptop from sleep mode
  60. M

    glitch after sleep mode

    I have a Alienware M17x laptop and something weird keeps happening. Whenever I close my computer when its still on or put it in sleep mode and then either open it or come out of sleep mode random apps will start to open and whenever i close them they pop open again and when i go to the start...