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  1. C

    Laptop won't turn on

    My laptop won't turn on. Maybe it's on but my monitor is all black. And when I force it to shut down by click'n'hold my power button. But then when I power it on back 2 seconds later it goes to sleep mode. No boot animation or anything. But nothing. It goes to sleep mode. I'm not that certain if...
  2. yackar

    Acer One 10 S1003-114m Transitions from Sleep mode to Hibernate when on battery.

    The device is a 2-in-1 style, and it always turns itself to hibernation mode given the following circumstances: The device is already in Sleep mode. The device is not connected to a charger. The device has been left with the previous two conditions for an undetermined set amount of time. I've...
  3. S

    6.0.0 Deep Sleep Problem

    Android 6.0.0 - Phone is always awake (never goes into deep sleep) and Wi-Fi is not turning itself off even though "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" is set to "Never" and "Location" is set to "Off". Battery Stats in Safe Mode: Wakelock Detector Results...
  4. N

    Laptop screen malfunctions when turning on from sleep mode

    Hello! I have as of recent bought a Y720-15IKB (LENOVO_MT_80VR_BU_idea_FM_Lenovo Y720-15IKB). During the first couple of days it worked perfectly fine, a couple of days later it seems to be having issues with waking up from sleep mode. When I put it to sleep by either quickly tapping the power...
  5. 1

    Laptop keyboard not working after boot or after sleep.

    When i boot my Dell XPS 9550 my keyboard doesn't work, when i press a key the backlight lights up but thats it. To get my keyboard to work again i have to reboot. But when i put my laptop to sleep and then wake it up the keyboard doesnt work anymore just like after the boot. I have tried a...
  6. S

    Toshiba Satellite L755

    The system started to constantly shutting down or switching to sleep mode, uncontrollably. It looks like as if I am pressing the power button either pressing and holding it or just single clicking. I suspect that the power button may be somehow defected or it may be something else. Any...
  7. F

    Android10 - Sleep/inactivity timer

    Hello peeps, I have a HuaweiP10 with Android10 and on certain apps, as well as when reading something while browsing, the screen dimms and turns off very quickly. For some reason the Sleep/inactivity timer in Settings/Display is not editable. How can I make it editable? Thanks!
  8. abdellahaski

    PC won't Shutdown or Sleep (black screen) but can Reboot

    Hi, First of all, I would really appreciate any help from you guys since this problem is frustrating me for a long time. And I just felt like I should apologize for the long post I just wanted to explain more So I thought it would be better to hide the detailed info into Spoilers. My PC...
  9. M

    Keyboard not working after sleep mode

    When my computer wakes from sleep, the keyboard doesn't work and requires me to reboot the PC to make it work again. The backlight and touchpad still work. The issue began after I installed a privacy screen on the monitor. I've tried reinstalling the drivers for my Standard PS/2 Keyboard to no...
  10. C

    Sleep issues (Windows 10)

    With my windows 10 install on my m.2 SSD (THNSN5128GPU7) the amount of time to put the computer into sleep mode is pretty bad - ~80 sec+. Moreover, attempting to return from sleep always results in a PC crash with the BSOD and the error CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, no other code information. It goes...
  11. Y

    Help! Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Crashing and Restarting After Wakeup From Sleep Mode!!!(Windows 8)

    Hello, My name's Yomashi and I need help fast. I am currently helping My mother with the production of her company and I'm trying to get all the computers in check before our one week deadline. The big problem I can't figure out right now is why her Dell laptop is waking up from sleep mode with...
  12. N

    Looking for something simple

    I'm not able to do harsh sports including running so swimming is my only choice. My criteria would be -able to go swimming indoor (doesn't need to have specific app for it but if it does, that would be great) -sleep tracking -walking and daily movements basis -interchangeable bands -has...
  13. P

    Toshiba Satellite L655 - Disable sleep when closed

    Is there a way to disable the sleep mode on a Toshiba Satellite L655? I am not running windows. It is a vortex box.
  14. J

    Screen Won't Come Out of Sleep

    Hi, I have a laptop that if I inadvertently let go to sleep, for instance by it not being plugged in and the battery flattening, then when I try to start it up the screen stays off. No matter what I do I can't get it back on - I have even removed the memory, HDD and the battery and that doesn't...
  15. V

    Laptop Goes To Sleep Mode While Playing Games...

    While Playing Games Laptop Goes To sleep Mode In 5 Min Randomly...And When I wake it up By pressing The power button It Goes to sleep mode Again about 20 to 30 secs randomly... My Specs i5 7200u 4gb ram Amd R5 m430 Dell Inspiron 3567
  16. A

    Laptop Enters Sleep Mode Without Warning

    I have an Acer Aspire e5-575g-53vg that is about one year old running Windows 10. My only modification is a recent screen replacement after I cracked it closing it on a pen. Recently I have noticed my laptop has started going to sleep (screen turns black, desktop state is still saved) without...
  17. L

    Laptop screen goes black after inactivity (backlight still on). Won't wake up.

    I just got the Gigabyte P35x and am observing this problem happen constantly and is very reproducible. After some time of inactivity, (>2 hours) the screen goes black, backlight still on. After it goes in that state I can't wake it up, the only thing I can do is force close it and then start it...
  18. Omnomious

    Laptop screen black, not sleep mode

    I just got an Acer Predator 17 G9, I don't like sleep mode so I did the usual settings "Turn HDD off [Never]", "Put computer to sleep [Never]" etc.. it was fine. I could close the lid and open it to my beautiful HD screen. A few hours later I heard it shut down and I opened it to installing new...
  19. Z

    Laptop charger keeps disconnecting

    My laptop charger loses connection constantly, it would charge normally if it is Idle or turned off or on sleep mode but when I try to browse it starts disconnecting and connecting again, when I try to turn on the Laptop without the battery, it doesnt make it doesnt make it past the Loading...
  20. D

    Asus 2-in-1 stuck on Asus Logo Screen

    So my wife's laptop randomly decided not to come out of sleep mode. Tried restarting it and it gets stuck on the Asus Logo Screen with the rotating loading wheel. It acts like it's booting, but never gets anywhere. After forcing the restart a couple of times it goes into the Automatic Repair but...
  21. G

    HP Pavilion dv5-2231nr does not wake from long sleep times.

    My laptop shipped with Windows 7 OEM and I upgraded to Windows 10, which is when this problem started. Basically, the laptop will wake from shorter sleep times (20-30 minutes), but not from longer sleep times. Whenever I open the lid (if the lid is closed) or press the Enter key (if the lid is...
  22. M

    overheating when sleep mode

    Hello, My asus k555l laptop has been overheating when goes to sleep mode.All the processes run at that time and it makes the temperature high.What can i do?Please give a suggestion.thank you
  23. X

    LG Soundbar setting not staying on and auto dimming not working

    I recently purchased an LG Soundbar model LAS551H. It comes with a remote and wireless. In the paperwork for the unit dubbed the simple manual it pictures the remote that I have. However, when I went to LG's website to download the full manual it shows a different remote than the one I have...
  24. Z

    ASUS ROG GL553VE Sleep problem when using Battery

    My laptops have the problem with sleep function. I using windows 10 pro 64-bit. Update all driver to latest version and also update the BIOS to latest version (Original is 301 and i updated to ver.302) If I close my laptop lid or turn the laptop to sleep without plugged in the AC Charger. The...
  25. I

    Laptop won't turn on

    Hello there! I'm trying to fix my friend's Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15iby. He accidentally tripped over the USB cord that was connecting the laptop and his phone, and at that moment the laptop just went kaput (the phone is ok btw). The power LED on the laptop just keeps blinking, the manual says that...
  26. L

    RCA Galileo Pro's sleep mode not working properly

    My tablet goes dark after a few seconds no matter if I set the sleep mode (under display) to 10 minutes or never shut off. I'm new to tablets, is there something I am missing or should that be doing the trick?
  27. G

    gateway ne56r41u laptop stuck on screen from when it went to sleep mode

    Laptop was working fine. I closed the lid to put it in sleep mode. When I came back hours later, the screen was frozen. Tried CTRL/ALT/DEL which did nothing. Tried holding ON/OFF button down with no effect. Disconnected power and removed battery to shut down. Replaced battery and power cord...
  28. P

    After Changing Every Settings changed to never and also chnaged Advanced Setting to do nothing Still my Laptop is going to Sle

    After Changing Every Settings changed to never and also chnaged Advanced Setting to do nothing Still my Laptop is going to Sleep Mode. My Windows Version is 8.1.
  29. K

    windows 8.1 sleep mode issue

    i turn off my sleep mode, and never had an issue until just recently. I now find mainly when I wake up in the morning that my laptop has gone into sleep mode. I have checked my power settings to see if somehow that was changed, but everything is still set to never... any thoughts?
  30. M

    Is there a way to turn off the cooling pad while in sleep mode?

    Hi, this is my second thread for today! I would like to know if there is a way to turn off the USB-powered cooling pad for my Lenovo Y-700 laptop,while it is in sleeping mode? The OS is Win 10. Thanks in advance! Best regards!
  31. D

    x260 thinkpad sleep

    mine too. put in on sleep mode, now cannot on.
  32. Q

    Lenovo E560 beeps when resuming from sleep

    When I resume it from sleep mode it beeps five times in a row three times and then resumes normally. I have tried looking online for a way to fix this with no luck. The fix I tried was disabling beep when resuming from sleep through BIOS or Think pad power management, problem with that I there...
  33. M

    Laptop went to a pink screen. What to do?

    I have a Lenovo yoga 500, I left it on sleep mode and came back after 5 minutes with a pink screen. It leaves traces when ever I would change into another window. I've reset it three times, still the same. Can someone please help, this is frustrating.
  34. H

    sleep mode problem

    hello guys!!! i have hp 15 au171tx whenever i put my notebook on sleep mode or close the lid for sleep mode. when i wake it up it restarts my laptop... please help this thing is annoying me alot!!! running windows 10 64bit
  35. D

    No signal on external monitor using samsung r530 laptop - i was working until restart

    Please help. i have a samsung r530 laptop. i been using external monitor for a month because my screen is damaged. One day i restarted the laptop and it began to go right to sleep mode. i pressed fn+f4, cleaned the pc inside, checked the rams but nothing works. still is on sleep mode. i see the...
  36. Z

    HP Stream 11-do10nr will not wake up from sleep mode

    Hello all! My labtop will not wake up from sleep mode at all. The power light will turn on, and I cannot press f11 to start a hard reset. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have no clue how to fix it
  37. S

    Asus zenbook ux305 Issues

    My zenbook was not able to wake up after going to sleep mode. I found following link (, applied changes but nothing. Right now it won't even start up again. When trying to start the laptop, the power key, Caps Lock and F2 key light up but nothing...
  38. S

    Laptop BSOD when left idle, wakes up immediatly when put to sleep. (Windows 10)

    Hey all! First of all, the specs: ASUS-G74SX 64-bit 16GB RAM Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @2.20GHZ Windows 7 Home Premium 2009, Service pack 1 Ok, so now a whole slew of issues. First of all, and possibly most annoyingly, my laptop refuses to sleep. I click the button or select the option...
  39. rifty

    computer repeatedly goes into sleep mode?

    this started happened after i had to restore my laptop to a few weeks back because i couldnt fix a start menu bug where it wouldnt open, (started happening recently) the laptop will occasionally start trying to go into sleep mode i think during games constantly, it will seem like it powered off...
  40. N

    Display flickering in sleep mode (MSI Leopard)

    Hey guys! I just recently bought and MSI GP62 6QF Leopard pro and I have an issue When laptop goes to sleep mode , this is what happens - When I quit or restart the laptop - everything seems to be ok P.S - otherwise it works correct , I tested it...
  41. O

    Continuous sleep mode

    Toshiba Satellite z 930. Sleep mode is on continuously. Cannot wake up computer. Have tried holding down start button for 30 seconds to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  42. K

    sudden crash the battery which offered an excellent 2.5hrs of battery life till yesterday.

    I used to get 2.5 hour of battery live with medium brightness after full charging.Which is pretty cool for me.I use to keep the laptop in sleep mode with fully charged at night. After 12 hours or so when I again start it barely depletes 4-5 percent .means 95 percent still remaining/ but suddenly...
  43. A

    Asus n56vz wont sleep, no matter what.

    My issue is that no matter what I try, my computer wont enter sleep mode properly. This has been going on 1-2 years without being able to come up with a fix. The computer initially turns the display and fan off, the power button starts blinking as expected, but then the power button and fan...
  44. S

    Screen shuts off when using on lap

    Something is triggering my laptop to cut the screen off and enter sleep mode. I think it's static electricity. It only happens when I'm wearing jeans (can't repeat the issue with any other material) and use the laptop on my lap. Any movement will cut the screen off. The laptop is an Acer...
  45. Bambam47

    Black Laptop screen

    So I know of the battery trick but it worked but when I put it into sleep mode and turn it back on again I can hear the HDD ad lights up but no logo
  46. J

    Ideapad 100s lenovo wont wake up

    Hi, My ideapad 100s lenovo notebook wont wake up from sleep mode.What shall I do.Its been over night since I accidentally click the sleep mode. I can't open it till now.Please help me with this.Thank you.
  47. Jozigal1

    Asus Laptop always restarting from sleeping mode

    I have an asus gl552 vw laptop that is 7 months old. Its running windows 10. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it restarts when in sleep mode!! It is such a pain and im losing work because of this. I have tried every solution i could find on tom's guide. Ive changed hibernating setting...
  48. T

    Asus N53 - CPU multiplier locked after wake up from sleep

    Hello, My laptop is very slow after wake up from sleep mode. Multiplier is locked to 7x - 11x (normally up to 19x). Also BLCK frequency is lower - 99,8Mhz (normally 140). It mens CPU frequency is 0,89 - 1,09Mhz after wake up. (normally up to 2533Mhz). See screenshots from HWINFO: Before going...
  49. O

    Monitor is detected but it goes to sleep mode anyway.

    Basically i came home and plug my monitor to my Acer notebook and started a Wow. My monitor was working fine when playing about 5 minutes. Then it turned black and showed me text: Monitor is going to sleep. But monitor is detected. I can change resolution. I even see it on device manager like...
  50. D

    HP Notebook Stream Stuck in sleep mode, can not hard reset.

    My Notebook Stream 11-r015wm (which I have had for less than 2 months) with a Windows 10 operating system went into sleep mode while I was away from it. When I returned I was unable to either wake the computer back up or shut it down. The screen is black and the power button is lit up as though...
  51. T

    Laptop Only charges when its OFF /Sleep Mode

    i have a HP 15 notebook PC on running windows 8.1 it only seems to charge in sleep mode or when its off. if the laptop is somewhat charged and i plug the ac adapter in. the light will only illuminate white and it wont say its charging. the only way i work around it is if i let my comp go into...
  52. R

    Laptop drains battery when in sleep mode and shutdown. Need help!

    I have recently bought a Asus ROG GL552VX from Wal-Mart that runs Windows 10 Pro. Everything worked fine until I put it to sleep mode or shut it down to save some juice. The next morning I woke up, the laptop just drained way down from 57% to 12%. Things even got worse when I put it to sleep...
  53. H

    Driver Power state Failure, ntoskrnl.exe+142940

    Hello! Recently my laptop crashed, my brother fixed it, set it back to windows 8 and now it's updated to windows 10. I keep getting BSOD's, and only when i return from sleep mode or after booting. I already checked for drivers that may cause this problem, but I can't find anything wrong. I...
  54. S

    Is My Coretron Laptop screwed?

    I'll be straight forward. I'm willing to do hands on work, but I'm trying to find out exactly WHAT the problem is. I've done some research, and so far I haven't been able to find my problem, or anything related to it specifically. I was trying to plug in the laptop while it was in sleep mode...
  55. L

    Power button on laptop doesn't open laptop from sleep mode?? Help.

    Ok so I have my alienware 15 laptop and for some reason when my laptop is in sleep mode and I click the power button, it doesn't open. THe button works when I hold it down to force shutdown my laptop or when I click it to open my laptop from shutdown. But when my laptop is in sleep mode and I...
  56. K

    Laptop won't come out of sleep mode....

    For some reason my Laptop fails to come out of sleep mode! In order to get it to boot again, I have to hold the power button, and then turn it on again!!!! WHAT THE HECK! Lol. Help?
  57. M

    Asus UX303UB Waking From Sleep Mode Problem On Windows 10

    Last night Windows 10 did an automatic upgrade, which forced an unexpected restart, caused me to lose what I was working on, and then took about 2 hours to complete installing the Windows 10 updates before I could access the machine again. But the worst part now, after the computer goes into...
  58. S

    Is there a way to disable the hard shut down and sleep mode when the on/off switch is pressed?

    I have a broken connector on the main board of my laptop it's the connector that goes from the main board to the on/off switch, right now the only way I can get the laptop to start up (since the HDD isn't attached it goes right to the bios screen) is to run a screw driver across the connectors...