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  1. J

    acer laptop sleep mode problem

    I have acer laptop, When i was ON my laptop, It will going to self mode . how to i fix that rrr please help m ..?
  2. S

    Laptop sleep mode and ethernet problems (can't find solution on internet)?

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite P-750-BTG422 (1.5 years old now) and all at around the same time, I noticed several irritating issues which may or may not be related. Several days ago, my laptop's ethernet capabilities stopped working (recognizes the cable most of the time, but no network...
  3. A

    problem with getting tv off standby mode.

    Hi I have just recently bought a tv second hand and when we got it, it was working fine but kept going into sleep mode but wouldnt let os access the menu to be able to turn that timer off. So we got a universal remote but now the tv has gone into stanby mode before we got chance to connect the...
  4. monocycliste

    Yoga 13 battery defect?

    Hi, I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 13. I have been using it over the past few days and I noticed the battery level goes down A LOT when it's in sleep mode. Yesterday it went from 98% to 78% in 3-4 hours when the lid was closed. Closing the lid put it in sleep mode automatically. Is it a...
  5. N

    Samsung series 7 Chronos sleep mode issue...

    I bought the following laptop: on Thursday, and I've had a few issues that you guys may be able to help me with (this is my first post so be nice!) When I put the laptop into sleep mode...
  6. K

    Putting laptop to sleep while it's hot

    Sometimes after gaming I don't have enough time to wait for my laptop to cool down before putting it to sleep and have to shut it right away. When the laptop goes into sleep mode, the fans stop completely after a few seconds. I don't play any games that are too terribly intensive but they do...
  7. D

    Asus K55VD Laptop BlackScreens after Sleep mode

    Basically ,What I did was, put the laptop lid down as I worked on homework it automatically goes into sleep mode, turned it back on this happens.THIS THING IS ONLY 1MONTH OLD!! Did everything I found to help that doesn't involve opening it up and considering I don't want my mum finding this out...
  8. M

    Asus smart gesture disable after returning from sleep

    When my laptop (S400CA) power up again after it went into sleep mode, the smart gesture function became disable. Can anyone know how to solve this problem?
  9. A

    In sleep mode

    how do I get the toshiba laptop out of sleep mode? It will power up, but nothing comes up on my screen.
  10. S

    Sleep mode problem

    my laptop when wake up from sleep mode it open with very low illumination till I shut it down and reopen, what could be the problem ??
  11. D

    laptop won't start

    I have an acer laptop, my son closed the lid on me before it shut down, he put it in sleep mode then closed the lid. Now it won't start up
  12. G

    Acer laptop when typing 4 characters appear oneach key stroke

    Acer laptop went into sleep mode. When I try to get back online, everytime I hit a key on the keyboard, 4 characters appear for each key stroke. What could be the problem. Is there an option or function wheich was accidentally hit or changed? Replies can be sent to
  13. M

    Compaq Presario R3000 stays in sleep mode

    Hello, I have a CP R3000 and it won't come out of sleep mode. Can you tell what the problem might be? Thanks in advance for the help
  14. S

    Samsung focus problem

    samsung focus WP7 has a couple of issues. the tone the phone makes when you plug charger in will not stop pinging, have to keep phone on mute. also, will not go into sleep mode unless i plug into charger.
  15. S

    Dell pp2s forum repair

    Hello, I have a dell pp12s laptop, when I turn it on with the screen all the way back everything's fine until it goes into sleep mode. Then the screen will not come back on, if I turn it off then back on with screen in normal position it does not work. The screen will only come back on if it...
  16. H

    HP pavillion dv7 battery problem!!!

    My hp pavillion dv7 only charges in sleep mode. When I have my computer, initially when I plug it in it shows plugged in, not charging then goes away and just shows battery life. It will only charge when the computer is off or in sleep mode. Please help.
  17. rnathbatra

    Need to awake Laptop from Standby twice

    Hello, I have a IBM Thinkpad T43. The problem is that whenever I wake it up from standby/sleep mode. It works alright for a few seconds and then it again goes to standby on its own. :o . After i wake it up from sleep the second time, there is no problem and it works without a problem. I would...
  18. S

    HP Pavillion dv7 black screen.

    My dad has a HP Pavillion dv7 and recently it stop showing video. It appears to be stuck in sleep mode. All the lights come on the keyboard and than it two lights blink as if it were in sleep mode. No hard drive activity is happening at all. Looking at the light at least. This is what i...
  19. N

    Laptop whines/screeches on powerup

    i have had my laptop for about 2 1/2 years. I rarely turn my comp off, annoying internet problem, and i let my comp go into sleep mode. Every time i "wake up" my laptop, it gives off a high-pitched whine, for about 5-30mins. This also happens on bootup. any ideas on what the problem may be?