My Asus X555UB won't wake up properly after I updated some drivers


Apr 27, 2016
Hello Tom's community recently I updated my Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia GeForce 940M drivers from their respective webs and the laptop stopped waking up after the sleep. Would you recommend to downgrade to the drivers in the Asus support page.

Or would you say that it is the famous Win10 problem?

I updated them because Win Updates and Device Manager wouldn't do it and some games weren't running properly.

Also battery's duration changes each time I recharge it, some times is higher and others it goes down.

Help is appreciated, thanks for taking your time.


Apr 27, 2016

OK Proofy gonna do that. Also, would you recommend to update the rest of Intel drivers and the Realtek ones? They are the manufactures default, you can see their versions in the Asus page.

Thanks pal that solved it.
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