Sleep or hibernation without switching off the graphics card...?

Oct 7, 2018
Hi all,
my question is, whether the above is possible.
I have a borrowed laptop (until my own gets repaired) - Acer Aspire V5 with Windows 8 (sic! :[ ) - which has a problem with graphics card (I was told, and the owner was told in a repair shop some years ago). After turning on, the computer apparently starts (makes sounds and the screen gets brighter) but the display remains black. You have to turn it off and on again, sometimes really many, many times (like 100+), till you're lucky and the display starts working normally.

For this reason, the sleep, hibernation, display dimming or switching off options are set to "never".
I've been having it on for about 7 hours now and it's a bit hot.... so I'm worried that if it's continually on till Monday or basically I don't know till when (my laptop may be ready tomorrow or any time next week), it's going to get hot, not to mention the energy consumption....

From what I've read, the graphics card is being switch off both in sleep as in hibernation? Same for turning off the display? What about dimming (though it probably won't help much...?)?
If the answer to above is yes: Isn't there some way to reconfigure sleep of hibernation, so that the graphics card doesn't switch off? (Something rather easy, I'm no computer wizard... and it has to work without a restart.)

Just to be absolutely clear, I'm currently not looking for a permanent solution to the graphics card problem - I understand this would require a proper repair and I will probably get it done when I have money for it. I'm just trying to come to terms with this laptop for the couple of days, until I get mine back.

Thanks in advance for any help!


You can't set the card to stay on when the computer goes to sleep, the card needs too much power to run. Hibernation is shutting the system off but saving the RAM contents to storage so same thing as shutting off the system fully.

If the card has dual graphics you can try to disable the discrete card (nVidia or AMD) and see if that works. Only catch is that if there is anything wrong with the onboard graphics if you disable the secondary graphics you will get no video anymore.



Raise it up off the desk, and have a small desk fan blowing towards it.
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